Fox News says white Democratic Rep. is being racist against Barr—who is white—Twitter responds

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If you don’t know who Fox News “personalities” Diamond and Silk are, then count yourself blessed. The two women have made a name for themselves in the conservative racist-sphere for being bigtime Trump supporters who help assuage the average Fox News viewer’s fears of being transparently racist.

On Thursday, Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee brought and ate some Kentucky Fried Chicken in a bucket at the House Judiciary Hearing that, less than 24-hours before, Attorney General William Barr announced he was skipping. Rep. Cohen pointed to the bucket of chicken to say that Barr was “here.” The reference, regardless of your opinions on whether or not Rep. Cohen’s stunt was funny or useful or smart or anything, was clearly to the idea that Attorney General William Barr was cowardly—a chicken so to speakin his truancy from giving testimony to the Democratic-led House Judiciary Committee. Fox & Friends really felt like something “racial” had happened because, you know, fried chicken. Also, just in case you didn’t realize this, William Barr is white. Seriously. Not a joke. Watch.

It’s a strange set of … things happening here. Fox News decided that the sight of someone eating fried chicken and talking about someone else as being a “chicken,” was grounds for finding the only people of color they know who might be willing to connect those disparate lines. The internet did not fall for this insane bit of racism on the past of Fox News. The responses were fast and hilarious.

Too true. Let’s keep on going.

In order to give a fair and balanced look at the concept of racism.

This tweet does perfectly encapsulate everyone’s response to seeing Diamond and Silk’s names “trending” on Twitter.

Sometimes you just have to laugh!

But seriously.

The depressing reality, of course is that, if you believe anything that ever happens on Fox News, you’re living in a different plane of existence.

And finally, because watching Fox News and the people on Fox & Friends “discuss” anything is bound to chip away at your IQ.

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