Fox News reporter gets live surprise by a well-informed Missouri man’s support of Green New Deal

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Fox News made an appearance at a small Missouri diner, part of their quest to eventually interview every single (white) person inside rural American diners. This time they visited the Corner Cafe in Riverside, Missouri—which, in all fairness, is only six miles from downtown Kansas City.

During the live segment they found Jack, a supporter of the Green New Deal, and they were not prepared for this Missouri man to bring the facts. Over and over again, they tried to trip him up, but he kept rattling off the scientific data to back-up what he was saying and when pressed on how we might pay for it, Jack explained how the U.S. paid for World War II and that at the current death rate, climate change will kill more people than World War II and we must act, no matter the cost.

Please watch and give Jack a round of applause.

Speaking of Fox News, it was another embarrassing day for the network during a different live shot. This time it was Lawrence Jones, live from … a war zone? Nope, just the U.S.-Mexico border.

Needless to say, the reaction to seeing Jones cosplay in that jacket, which doesn’t appear to even have a plate in it, drew lots of mockery on Twitter. Here are a few of the priceless reactions on Twitter.

First up, hero chef José Andrés.

Award-winning veteran reporter Jacob Soboroff:

I tweeted it was absolutely ridiculous and Jones replied the Border Patrol made him wear it. He told others it was a requirement in order to do a ride-along with the CPB. As Soboroff and others have noted, they have never been asked by CPB agents to wear any such gear, even on far more dangerous middle-of-the-night missions. As Vice reporter Roberto Ferdman, who has been reporting from El Paso, Texas, notes, there were other photos of Jones without the vest and if CPB insisted he wear it, just before he went live, he should’ve asked why.

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