Trump’s Fox News fiasco has set the internet ablaze with giggles. The particular portion which has led to derision is his insistence on how “hard” a cognitive test is. Trump said to Chris Wallace, “Yes, the first few questions are easy, but I’ll bet you couldn’t answer the last five questions.”

Wow, the incumbent Republican president can identify his party’s mascot — and boasts about doing so. And then goes on to brag about what an achievement passing a cognitive test was. Stifle your laughter and join me in a moment of silence as we reflect upon the awe and wonder of these statements. And it isn’t just me. Like the Toyota commercial, Trump asked for it, he got it.

Now here are the elements of this challenging test:

. Memorizing a short list of words, identifying an animal, copying a drawing.

. Naming the current date, counting backwards and identifying common objects like a pencil or a watch.

. Recalling a three word list of objects and drawing a clock.

Now my bet is that Trump cheats on this test and/or pays somebody to take it for him. We now have an answer to what Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lara Trump get paid $15K a month by Brad Parscale for. They text Trump the answers to these “hard” questions, i.e., where he is, what date it is, I was wondering how they earned big bucks, now we know. You knew he couldn’t pass a sanity test without coaching from the sidelines, right? This is as good a theory and a testament to that proposition as anything else.

Before we go, here’s the latest Fox News poll, and Trump’s denial.

I know this is trite because it’s so oft-repeated, but this is the guy carrying the nuclear codes. Just sayin.’ Oh, and here’s another thing. Trump didn’t retweet this show, as he does so many of his other interviews. Make of that what you will.


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  1. Oh, and by the way, since he didn’t pass the mental fitness exam, he doesn’t have any valid nuclear launch codes. That’s why he has been acting like a two year old since he found that out.

    Another “first”!


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