In the past 24 hours, the GOP gun lobby machine has turned to propaganda-spewing media outlets like Fox News, OAN, and others to flood the airwaves with “solutions” to gun violence that don’t propose doing anything about the guns at the center of gun violence. The list of “solutions” includes the things that places like Uvalde, Texas, already tried to do, like: over-fund the police, add police to schools, and have completely lax gun laws. The results on Tuesday, May 24, were 19 murdered children, terrified parents stuck outside, and police refusing to go inside to save those children from the “bad guy with a gun.”

Some unknown patriot (as of the writing of this story) created a supercut of the “solutions” being proposed across Fox News’ media landscape in the wake of this new tragedy. The list is a relentless barrage of worthless calls for fascism and theocracy, including a call for “marshal law,”* and turning our schools into prisons. It is beyond damning.

*You read that right!

Here’s the list:

  1. Armed security guard
  2. Armed school safety officer
  3. Armed deputy
  4. Armed teachers
  5. Armed administrators
  6. Armed school staffers
  7. Policemen
  8. Train the students themselves
  9. Retired military
  10. Retired law enforcement
  11. Tax breaks
  12. Martial law
  13. Secure the perimeter
  14. Provide a “ring of steel”
  15. Better fences
  16. Higher fences
  17. Locked doors
  18. Bulletproof glass
  19. Judeo-Christian values
  20. Make attacking a school a death sentence
  21. School snitches
  22. Stop letting schools be gun-free zones
  23. Put your phone down
  24. Divert coronavirus relief funds
  25. Send your child to private school
  26. Take your children to church
  27. Fight this “anti-police narrative”
  28. Series of interlocking doors
  29. Tripwire
  30. Trap the shooter like a rat
  31. God
  32. Address moral rot
  33. Decrease social media exposure
  34. Focus on mental health
  35. Pray
  36. Faith and prayer
  37. Make schools more like airports
  38. Don’t be triggered
  39. Assault rifles
  40. Enhanced body armor
  41. Notification system
  42. Single point of entry
  43. Don’t talk about the shooting
  44. Raise your children properly
  45. Ballistic blankets
  46. Give police more resources
  47. Executive Order for mental health facilities
  48. Return to God
  49. Arm yourself everywhere

You don’t believe that list? You think some of them were stuck in there in bad humor? No. You can watch it for yourself.


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