Fox News Is Using Democratic Candidates As Financial Lifeline and We’re Falling For It

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Bernie Sanders was a big hit a few days ago on Fox News. He was openly cheered when he spoke about Medicare for All. Now, Amy Klobuchar is set up to follow suit and do an appearance as well. But, be not deceived. The Democrats are being had, as described here by Angelo Carusone, president of Media Matters. Simply, Fox invited Sanders on in order to staunch it’s financial bleeding, nothing more.

Hosting these town halls and exploiting low regard for Fox News is a calculated effort by the network. But make no mistake: Fox News is a pro-Trump propaganda outlet, and the entire channel (not just parts of it) is steeped in bigotry, misogyny, conspiracy theories, and rank misinformation.

Advertisers recognize that this a network-wide problem, which is why Fox News is currently experiencing an advertiser crisis. Fox is struggling to meet its sales requirements for upfronts, where the channel needs to sell approximately 70% of all of its ad inventory for next year.

Fox News’ editorial decisions have driven major advertisers to flee its programming. As Fox News scrambles to avoid disaster during this key time period in which the network hopes to sell up to 70% of its ads for the year ahead, it is not the time to partner with Fox News on town halls or other events which require negotiation. Doing so will throw a critical lifeline to the network and prevent real accountability, allowing Fox News to sanitize its brand for important advertisers.

That is what Fox News is doing in a nutshell. They’re covering their ass and using Democrats to do so. We can’t afford this level of naivety. Read this Twitter thread to get the picture step by step. I hope to hell this shows up on the desk of every Democratic candidate who has declared, or is thinking about doing so, who contemplates appearing on Fox News.

We’re in the political mess that we are because television and the internet are both media designed for broad brush strokes, not in depth analysis. This is the era of the sound bite. Trump had no policies, but he could always be depended upon for an attention getting remark and news cycle dominance. That made him TV’s darling.

Fox News is Trump’s propaganda arm, no question about that. For Democrats to go over to Fox News is a terrible idea, because all it is going to do is legitimize Fox News. We can’t do that, or we are literally, throwing the gates open and welcoming the Trojan Horse with open arms.

There are no “News” and “Opinion” divisions at Fox News. It’s all entertainment, without journalistic standards. If Democrats pretend that this is not the case, and legitimize this outlet, we have no one to blame but ourselves when it all goes belly up, as it assuredly will. I call your attention to the parable of the scorpion and the tortoise. Remember how the scorpion stung the tortoise, when the tortoise was kindly taking him across the river? The moral of the story is that the scorpion and the tortoise are creatures of vastly different natures and the true character of the scorpion wins out.

We know who and what Fox News is. If Democrats choose to allow themselves to be exploited in this way, it’s going to backfire. How can we be so stupid?


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