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t’s well known that Fox News is the Republican Network and Donald Trump’s personal propaganda mouthpiece, but lately they’ve gone way out there in left field, so far out there that they’re actuallyin the weeds now. Fox News was quoted earlier in the day in various media reports as suggesting that the FBI may have been plotting to assassinate then president-elect Donald Trump. If you thoughtthat extreme and outrageous “news” coverage, you will love Jesse Watters’ latest pollution of the airwaves, which suggests that the FBI is involved with perpetrating a “coup.” Now granted, Fox Newscopywriters don’t have much of a vocabulary and they will put sensationalism over accuracy any day of the week, but this kind of inflamed rhetoric is a bit much even for them.

Jesse Watters: “The [FBI] investigation was weaponized to destroy his presidency for partisan political purposes. Now if that’s true, we have a coup on our hands in America. If you have these people plotting, what appears to be some sort of subversion campaign against the president, how dangerous is that?”

Kellyanne Conway: “Jesse, it’s toxic, it’s lethal.”

MSNBC’s Ari Melber took issue with the use of the word “coup” on the Fox News headline banner and did a memorable montage depicting what the word really means. Melber also consulted with counter-terrorism expert Malcolm Nance and he said that while Fox News has a right to free speech they don’t have a right to sedition.

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