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After Bill O’Reilly finally got himself good and properly canned by Fox News for his long history of grotesque behavior toward his co-workers, a clump of tissue cultivated from his second chin that had been cultivated in a Fox News laboratory until it had turned into a Real Boy was promoted into the Fox News lineup to take his place. We call that tissue-clump Jesse Watters, and you probably know of him from his past O’Reilly-sponsored racist segments and ambush interviews and his own attempts at being deeply creepy.

Watters has settled into the role as any lab-cultivated tissue clump might, meaning he has done his squishy little best to defend Donald Trump and offspring from all the various stuff Donald Trump and his offspring keep doing, whether that be profiting off the presidency in a manner that would lead to Fox-promoted armed marches in the streets if the dreadful Hillary had done such things to the soon-argument that a little light treason is no big deal, so long as it results in lower taxes for Fox News hosts.

Nay, says tissue-clump, if anything America ought to be genuflecting before Trump and his offspring for doing so very much for this nation.

”Donald Trump’s family has done more for this country than any Democratic elected official,” Watters said last Thursday.

Normally we would let this one go, because tissue-clump, but it came to the attention of Arizona Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego so we’ll let him handle this one.

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Gallego is an Iraq War veteran. Perhaps Jesse Watters can show Eric and Donald Jr. where Iraq is on their daddy’s globe, if Jesse has the opportunity to visit for a playdate.

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