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This is hilarious. Fox News host and former strategist of the Conservative Party in the UK, Steve Hilton, has tweaked Michael Cohen’s grifting into being an attack by Cohen on Donald Trump, and Hilton demands an accounting and an apology forthwith. RawStory:

“Cohen was reported this week to have touted himself to a number of giant global corporations as someone who could give them an inside track with the new Trump administration,” he noted. “But the real damage here is not to the reputation of AT&T or Novartis – it’s to President Trump and his entire Drain the Swamp crusade.”

“Did Cohen even listen to what Donald Trump was saying on the campaign trail?” Hilton asked. “What part of Drain the Swamp did Cohen not understand?”

“By cashing in on his connection to the president to help giant global corporations, Cohen insulted every single Trump voter,” he argued. “Here’s what needs to happen: Cohen must apologize, pay back his swamp fees and tell us who else he pitched his services to. We need to see the full list of the “select few companies” he reportedly offered to help.”

Hilton concluded that “there has to be a proper reckoning for the damage Cohen has done with his cynical, shameless behavior.”

Cohen, the Trump lackey, is accused of cynical and shameless behavior which has negatively affected his principal, Trump the Stalwart. This is first class spinmeistering. Kellyanne Conway is probably hitting herself in the head with a spiked heel that she didn’t think of it first. Look to Sarah Huckabee Sanders to offer up a variation of this, and that will be your sign that Michael Cohen’s star has plummeted from the firmament and gone straight to Hell. It won’t be long now.


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  1. Michael Cohen’s star started plummeting when the impostor president went to Washington and he was left behind. I’m sure his job was “consulting” with all those firms, which means accepting bribes on the president’s behalf. Trump micromanages everything, of course he knew. Duh. Cohen’s seen so many people thrown under the bus why would an intelligent person think they won’t be next? If Michael Cohen cares about watching his kids grow up he better flip & tell everything he knows or he’s going to be in prison till his kids are grandparents.


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