When Donald Trump was first elected, GOP pundits and Paul Ryan were quick to say, “Give him a chance,” and “He’s learning on the job, give him time.” Now Fox’s Greg Gutfield takes it one step further, that Trump is not only learning on the job, that this cacophony of chaos and confusion in the White House is actually quite normal, because Trump’s just a regular guy like you and me and in fact, we should think of him as our uncle. Newshounds:

So it’s news that it’s chaos and dysfunctional when  non-politicians actually move into a political realm. Isn’t that what  this is all about? This guy is there witnessing the end – cronies out and, essentially, you in.  These are people that have not governed, who are just like the people  who kind of vote – you can say yeah, he’s a billionaire, but he’s kind of like your uncle. So your uncle just became president.

I challenge, that each one of us, if we became president … we would have had a similar experience. And so I think the book’s message … [is] this is not about a perfect White House, it’s about a human White House.

These are not beautiful people from Davos or Aspen or Harvard. These  are people who can barely shave. … These are people ignorant of politics  but savvy of the street. You put street fighters in there from Queens  and elsewhere and the Democrats have to be consistent about this because  they nominated a neophyte over Hillary Clinton, remember? They did it first with Obama and they won! So this was just the pendulum.

Conflating Trump and Obama to be exactly the same is no small feat. Okey doke. Wonder how Trump feels about that comparison?

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