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What’s more lucrative than being an ICE agent, separating families like the Stasi in East Germany circa 1968? Being a former ICE agent who gets paid to appear on Fox News as some kind of “expert.” Like most “experts” on Fox News, David Ward seems to be an expert in lying and maybe being a racist, and he possibly has a master’s in xenophobic propaganda. Ward was brought in today to talk about … the CARAVAN! He ran down how the caravan of immigrants making their way up to the United States, seeking asylum, is filled with previously deported criminals, and also people “coming in from Africa, the Middle East, and other places.” And while that is terrifying enough, David Ward wants Fox News’ viewers to know that, not unlike Yahweh’s 10 plagues, these immigrants are bringing biblical diseases.

Ward: And they’re coming in with diseases like small pox, and leprosy, and TB, and they’re going to infect our people in the United States.

You can watch a Gestapo reject inarticulately fear-monger below.

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