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Not that there was ever any doubt, but on Monday night—election eve—Fox News finally, publicly, confirmed what everybody already knew: Fox News and its on-air “talent” are a bunch of liars, and that they are the official propaganda peddler for Donald Trump.

After the Trump campaign announced that Fox News’s noted hate-monger Sean Hannity would be making a “special guest” appearance at a Trump in rally in Missouri, Hannity was quick to tweet:

Okay, that’s clear. And then a Fox News spokesperson confirmed Hannity’s statement:

A Fox News Channel spokesperson further confirmed to Newsweek on Monday that Hannity would only be hosting his show from that location and interviewing the president.

Of course, because no legitimate news organization would allow an employee to do such an unethical thing. Oh, wait, hold that thought and roll the tape, as Trump introduces Hannity with a “They’ve been with us from the beginning.”

Liars. Propagandists. Just like their Orange Overlord.

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