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If you look out the window right now, in the direction of Wingnuttia, there is a giant mushroom cloud forming. The cacophony you hear is the sound of Donald Trump screaming, as he throws coffee pots into television sets. Behold, none other than Fox News has just confirmed the reporting of Jeffrey Goldberg’s Atlantic piece, on the heels of the Associated Press and the Washington Post. Lordy, lordy, what hath Fox wrought?

Well, this last explanation pretty much blows up the alibi of Trump wanting to go to the cemetery, but not being able to fly, because of the rain, and having to stay in the hotel against his will.  Purportedly, he was devastated by not being able to fly, because he really wanted to go to the cemetery.

I guess the Atlantic isn’t the only failing media outlet looking to stay relevant, hmmm?

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  1. He doesn’t care about anyone or anything that doesn’t focus on him. Tax cuts, judges, de-regulation, power is all he and the rest care about. He very well could get elected again. i just don’t see a bottom to the corrupt admin.

    • His malignant narcissism is so profoundly sick, he truely believes that no position other than POS or a King is his only calling.
      His image of self is that deluded is why he finds it impossible for any empathy or reason as to why someone would go off to war, let alone be recognised as a hero of the ultimate sacrifice.
      If he was a ship’s captain, he’d find a horizon to fall off with the loss of all souls on board.


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