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Oh, to have seen the look on Donald Trump’s face when Fox News’ Chris Wallace shut him down with an on-the-spot fact-check of a favorite DJT lie.

Wait, we can see it. It’s right here. Enjoy.

TRUMP: “Because they want to defund the police and BIden wants to defund the police.”

WALLACE: “Sir, he does not.”

TRUMP: “Look, he signed a charter with Bernie Sanders …”

WALLACE: “And he said nothing about defunding the police.”

TRUMP: “Oh, really? It says ‘abolish,’ it says … Let’s go. Get me the charter, please.”

WALLACE (back in the studio): [Laughs] “So that led to a very interesting exchange where he had his staff go out and get the highlights from that 100-page compact that the Biden team and the … Sanders team had signed, and he went through it and he found a lot of things that he objected to that Biden has agreed to, but he couldn’t find any indication, because there isn’t any, that Joe Biden has sought to defund and abolish the police.”

Is that so hard, reporters? Trump lies like this every damn day. Repeatedly. He needs to be challenged on this stuff. Because when he is, it pretty much takes a rhino tranquilizer and a chloroform sponge bath to settle him down. In other words, it’s not a presidential look. Unless you’re talking about President Pinochet.

Also, isn’t it fun to watch the folks at Fox yucking it up over Trump’s flailing answers? I know it’s a pretty rare sight, but it’s a hoot nonetheless.

Enjoy the rest of your day in Trump’s America, folks. Wash your hands, and beware of brownshirts.


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  1. Trump’s lied. It won’t make a dent,much less get through the heads pf these hopelessly inbred , maga hillbillies. Joe getting elected will only inflame these brain damaged morons.

  2. I’m glad someone put him in check. Just 3 1/2 months before election day and we, the citizens of this country, can let him know what we think of him. This time, the Electoral College can’t save his behind because the Supreme Court made it illegal for the Electors appointed by each State to do anything other than to vote for the person the majority of the people in that State have selected as the President. There will be serious consequences for those who attempt to break that law.

  3. The only way to draw Trump out of his bubble reality of “What I say is Gospel” is to challenge him on the spot for his blatant lies and misinformation. No offense intended but when one lies, that is being offensive. Defend truth by challenging Trump the liar and watch him wiggle and squirm like a spoiled child caught with hands in the cookie jar and trying to blame his sister, who is at school, not playing hooky, like her brother.

  4. Conservatives SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF
    THEMSELVES, hitching their wagon to this
    rotten louse .
    Trump has never been anything but rotten,
    and conservatives decided to aline themselves
    with him to secure their agenda!
    Not realizing he’d bring them down ,
    because that’s all he’s ever done. His life
    has been reneging on any promises he’s
    made, to gain financially for himself!
    At that level, he has NO FRIENDS.
    And now , they can suck eggs as far as
    he’s concerned!

  5. See. Someone called him out. And he reacted like a spoiled child. Ranting . He lies without knowledge, he Hope’s you believe him.be can’t face the truth so he makes thing up, to tell us how smart he is.Now we know this person is killing us and ruining our country.I bet our treasury has money left, he probably walked off with his kids and millions. Senate has no idea how stupid they have become and now they are completely lost. Their jobs may have left them for the next term, hopefully .

  6. It’s important to humiliate Trump . He’s incapable of feeling sham for lying , it’s part of his ego and self image that needs patching up every minute of the day .
    Mary Trump exposed what most of us already felt but couldn’t prove .Mary Trump gave us absolute proof of his criminality. Juries convect with that kind of proof.
    The Republican’s paved the way for trash , and they got it !

  7. Poor dumb trump is still running the ad, indicating we will not have police if Biden is elected. Have you seen it ?


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