If you’re just now tuning in, Donald Trump has been livid with Fox News for some weeks now. He’s been tweeting vitriol at them, “Remember who put you there!” and asking his friends, “What the hell is wrong with Fox?” Maybe it’s the Murdoch sons, whom Trump describes as “very liberal” but in all events, Fox is not doing what Fox is programmed to do, in Trump’s mind, which is: to 1) agree with him on all things, 2) amplify his positions 3) give him supporting material for his views, which he can then repeat and retweet. That’s their job and boy, today, they really stepped out of line and the cognitive dissonance in Trump’s tiny mind must be banging like an anvil.

Shep Smith started out a piece Thursday,

“any notion that we’re in a manageable trade dispute with China is now dispelled. This is a trade war. America just fired another shot. And you are about to pay. The trade talks with the Chinese effectively collapsed today. The president announced new tariffs today. The markets were retreated today — in a big way. The Dow was up nearly 300 points. Then the president tweeted about the new tariffs. That was 1:30 this afternoon. See it. Now the Dow is down 228. A more than 500-point plunge. What does this mean?”

Well, we can tell you one thing that it means. Trump is furious. It’s bad enough the stock market turned on him, but the same afternoon, Fox News does as well? Here’s what got the ball rolling.

So now Trump’s going to put an additional tariff on China. Could it be that he really believes that a tariff is defined as a check which another government writes to the Treasury, because that’s what he’s been plying his base with, tales of “billions of dollars being deposited into the Treasury.” Unfortunately, that heretic Shep Smith kept going on and explaining things, and there was no discussion of giant checks being written to the government. Smith actually described a tariff as a tax — fancy that? You mean it’s not a check, like Trump says it is? Oh, noes. The WalMart Patriots aren’t going to like this one bit. The moo moos and the flip flips are going up. Here’s what else Smith said:

“everything the Chinese sells to the U.S. will be taxed at a higher rate. Every toy, every piece of clothing, every bag of tea, every drop of oil, and American consumers are the ones footing the bill. First, the importers will pay it, then the distributors will pay up, and the stores will pay it, then they will pass it to you. The buck stops with you. You pay. That’s how this works. Always. It’s a new tax on things you buy, and the president says it starts next month. Big picture: If you and everyone else is paying more for stuff, over time you will have to buy less of stuff, that hurts the economy here and everywhere else. That is what trade wars do.”

Now you can bet your britches that Trump is stewing over this confrontation from Fox News as he wings his way to talk to the MAGAts in Cincinnati tonight. And as previously stated, this is not the first dereliction of duty on the part of Fox, so far as Trump is concerned, and he is righteously pissed. Daily Beast:

“I’ve been good to them,” Trump said in these last few weeks, according to another one of the three sources. The president, a remarkably avid consumer of cable news, sounded surprised and frustrated that he was seeing too many people to his liking on the [Fox] network treating him “unfairly” on their shows. […]

But for all the drama and fuss, the dirty little secret is that a lot of people working at Fox News—on- and off-camera—aren’t worried about Trump’s hurt feelings and his latest mean tweets. In fact, some are pleased. […]

Network insiders told The Daily Beast that president’s complaints have made little impact given the overwhelmingly positive coverage Trump has received across many Fox primetime shows throughout his presidency. Trump’s Fox News tweets have only generated buzz in the building when he’s targeted specific news personalities, including Leland Vittert and Shep Smith.

“I think the reaction is more of an eyeroll than anything,” one Fox News staffer told The Daily Beast.

They’re rolling their eyes at his nibs? Plus, they’re committing the occasional random act of journalism and actually telling the truth? Good Lord, what can this mean? In any other organization of worship, heretics like Shep Smith would be not only excommunicated, but executed for heresy. And the acolytes are rolling their eyes?

Trump should be in rare form when he arrives in Cincinnati. This is his first campaign rally since North Carolina. He was asked what would happen if the crowd broke into a “Send her back!” chant and Trump said, “if they do the chant, we will see what happens, but I prefer they don’t.” Somebody better clue in Mike Pence’s nephew and the other chant-leaders that get the crowds ginned up, or Cincinnati could be wilder than North Carolina. Trump’s in a very bad mood.



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  1. The fuhrer is an idiot. The low end of his base moneywise are not going to be happy, all this should be hitting them about now in the stores. I dont buy, have more than enough. I buy local food when possible dont need all the junk sold at Walmart and when I do buy I goto yard sales and auctions. An economy based purely on buying cannot stand and its beginning to show that now.

    Trump cannot win as a “tariff” man, Hoover found that out already.

  2. He is going to self desrtuct eventually methinks..even the repugs will temporarily
    sit this out until his tantrum is over. They dont want to do anything that might have him turn on them…at.least these spineleds politicians are consistent.

  3. trump’s cult followers are so stupid they don’t know they’re paying trump tariff taxes. They think China is writing big checks to us. Idiots. Farmers will never recover. Their buyers have turned to Russia for what they need. It takes years to set up the farm to market chain & they won’t sign up to trust American farmers again when they have a reliable supply coming from elsewhere. Their farmer welfare payments won’t save the little guy since the majority goes to the huge companies which aren’t even American companies. They’ll all rush right out and vote against their own interests again because it’s the fault of Hillary, Obama, Benghazi, E-Mails—


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