Fox News has found a new boogeyman to flog, and this time his name is “Captain America.”

In a Tuesday Fox News appearance that’s been making the rounds on right-wing media this week, Cain decried “wokeness ” and “anti-American-ism” in the latest comics, joining a chorus of conservatives criticizing the story for depicting Steve Rogers questioning the reality of the “American Dream.”

“I love the concept of Captain America, but I am so tired of this wokeness and anti-Americanism,” Cain said. “In my opinion, America is the greatest country in history. It’s not perfect. We are constantly striving for a more perfect union, but I believe she’s the most fair, equitable country anyone’s ever seen, and that’s why people are clamoring to get here from all over the globe.”

Now, patriotism can be healthy when it’s aspirational, but there’s no way to “strive for a more perfect union,” as Cain claims he wants to, when you reject any and all reality checks and accountability as “cancel culture” and “wokeness.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Cain very clearly didn’t read the new issue of the United States of Captain America miniseries — but then again, when has that ever stopped a Foxite from spouting off with ridiculous lies?

Naturally, Cain wasn’t alone is his bashing of “Anti-American and Woke-ness” he was joined by that other perfectly reasonable fellow — Actor Kevin Sorbo.

Sorbo went on Fox Business’ Varney & Co to denounce the cherry-picked lines he was asked to respond to, noting “We keep reaching new levels of insanity” and that “America is a great country. This is just another example of lies from the left.”

Sorbo also took issue with how the comic book could be used to influence American youth, adding, “Walt Disney said back in the 1950s… movies and television will influence our youth. Look at what’s going on in the streets across America today, especially in all the blue states and the blue cities, and all the anger and hate and violence going on out there.”

Kevin also claimed that “Hollywood is trying to get us to hate each other.”  No, actually Kevin we all just hate you and it’s not because of Hollywood. And if that wasn’t enough they also had yet another segment featuring “Comedian” Michael Loftus.


So exactly what is all the fuss about? Well, this is the full statement from United States of Captain America #1 [As you can tell from the quotes on Fox News — they misquoted the text.]

I am loyal to nothing, except the dream.  I actually said that once. Here’s the thing about a dream though.  A dream isn’t real.  When we wake up it goes away.  And we’re left with this yearning inside. Like something was taken away from us.  At least that’s one kind of dream.  But lately — spending my days in this country as the years march on by — I’m starting to think America actually has two dreams.  And one lie.

Germans have this neat word.  “Fernweh.” It means a longing, or nostalgia, for a place you’ve never been. Or for a place that might not exist at all.  We have a word for this in the states, “Americana.”

This is the white picket fence fallacy that if we’re not careful becomes nationalism, jingoism.  That dream isn’t real, it never was.  Because that dream doesn’t go along nicely with reality. Other cultures. Immigrants. The Poor. The suffering.  People easily come to be seen a “different”, “unamerican.”  The white picket fence becomes a gate to keep others out. We are at out best when we keep no one out. A good dream is shared.  Shared radically.  Shared with everyone. When something isn’t shared it can become the American lie. The lie is a real problem because it comes in the form of an empty promise.  A while back we told the world they could come here for a better life. But too often we turn our backs on them. Instead of a dream, they get handed a raw deal. 

Then there’s the second dream. This one’s real. But we don’t hold it, or own it.  Heck, we can’t even touch it. We reach for it. We work. We toil. We struggle. We fight. Together. We may never reach it, but we never stop trying.  That’s my dream.

I think, objectively there’s nothing “anti-American” or “Woke” about what is said here.  It’s somewhat aware to say that “Dreams aren’t real” because they aren’t.  That’s the entire point, they are figments of our imagination and our hopes — but they aren’t real, aren’t factual and disappear as soon as we’re awake.

What he’s arguing against here is falling into believing a fantasy, and treating that fantasy as if it were real.  It’s like that fantasy that Donald Trump is a competent person, that Critical Race Theory is a threat to our children when it’s only taught in graduate and law school, that attempts to spread a life-saving vaccine in the midst of a metastasizing pandemic are not intended to “steal bibles or your guns” or believing that the 2020 Election was somehow “Stolen” without leaving a single trace or shred of legitimate evidence.

Fantasies and delusions abound in right-wing land.

And it is fitting that they would lose all sense in response to this commentary from one of their titular Americana “Heroes.” A character who was introduced punching out Hitler on the cover of his debut issue at a time when America was mostly listening to the isolationist arguments of the “America First” movement at the time led by Hitler sympathizers like Charles Lindbergh.

That was decidedly a political statement at the time and did lead to angry mobs in the streets railing against creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. 

Captain America was Antifa 1.0.  He’s the OG Antifa.

It’s fitting that he remains against the America First of today’s generation. That he stands up for the True Dream – the dream that Reverand Dr. Martin Luther King Jr spoke.  Not the one where America is the biggest, baddest and toughest but where we are the shining city on the hill, filled with positivity, filled with hope, filled with promise and filled with freedom.

Dreams disappear when we open our eyes, but they leave behind an impression, a memory. iI’s something we can strive for, a way that we can keep moving toward that “more perfect union.”  We may never truly get there, but we need to keep trying.

If seeing the difference between the dream and the reality is the result of being fully awake – then “woke” it is.

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