Fox & Friends Mourns ‘Devastating Timing’ Of Bolton’s Manuscript Release, While Trump Lies Mount

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Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day, Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way. — Mamas and the Papas

It’s always a good idea to listen to what Fox News is saying, just so one can take the temperature of current administration thought — namely that of the Viewer in Chief, who exists in a perpetual feedback loop with the network. He listens to them to get all of his talking points for the day, and to form his “policies” such as they are. This morning that temperature is high, shooting to the critical zone, as the denizens of the curvy couch lament the fact that “this thing was on the fast track to closing out without witnesses” and now there’s this pesky consideration of a percipient witness to Trump’s malfeasance, John Bolton, publishing his memoirs about Ukraine, and how are you gonna ignore that?

The Bolton manuscript is going to make it difficult for senators who vote this Friday to have no witnesses, when the book drops on March 17, and people begin to ask these senators, why didn’t you want to call this witness when you had a chance to do so? How could you vote to acquit without doing so? These are tough questions.

Now former White House press secretary Joe Lockhart doesn’t think this new Bolton development is going to matter all that much, because he believes Republican senators will be “willing to take a short-term hit” when the time comes. Raw Story:

“It’s obviously more likely that there will be witnesses, but that’s only because of as of Sunday afternoon, there was no chance there were going to be witnesses, ” Lockhart explained. “I think Republicans were clearly signaling it all day Sunday that they had won this fight and they were willing to swallow the whatever bad press they’d get.”

“I still don’t know that it makes it extremely likely,” he cautioned. “Remember, the president’s defense, you say at the heart of the president’s defense, the president’s defense has changed a dozen times. This is just the most recent one. It does go to the heart of whether this is first-hand information. But I think most Republicans, probably the four that we have been concentrating on have made up their mind they just want this over and they’re willing to take a short-term hit.”

“We’ll see,” he added. “We’re going to see from the White House defense today, you know, whether they now bury this defense. We’re going to see it in the hallways.”

And what is the White House defense?

The House asked and Trump replied with his executive privilege scam and ordered Bolton not to testify. Bolton said he would only testify pursuant to a subpoena, if a court weighed in on the issue and the House gave up, not wanting to incite a court battle that could keep the issue in legal limbo for a protracted time.

But now it’s a different ballgame. Before the manuscript was revealed — and the White House has had possession of it since December 30 — Bolton said he would testify if subpoenaed, and now there’s every reason for him to do so, or GOP senators will have mud on their faces in a few months. And the mud might not come off so easily in time for the 2020 ballot.


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Fox News Media is so phony and they lie just like Trump. You will all get yours.


Glad tRump surrounded himself with “the best people”..If they’re not indicted or already in jail, they’re ready to testify against him. Hoax-witch hunt ! 😂