Fox & Friends complains that John Dean tweets too much and uses too many insulting nicknames

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Guys, it’s one thing to kill irony and another to dismember its corpse, make a davenport out of its skin, and sit on it while you spew random syllables like a drowned Teddy Ruxpin.

Via Media Matters:

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): This is what [John Dean] thinks of Donald Trump: He has horrible things to say about Ronald Reagan. He said that what President Bush did with Iraq is worse than Watergate, and he wrote a book about that. He has no idea how much money he made. But listen to how he describes Donald Trump: Demeaning Don. Deadbeat Don. Demagogue Don. He calls him Deranged Don. Those are just some of the things included in his 970 tweets. But yet [Rep.] Jerry Nadler [(D-NY)] said —

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Almost 1,000 tweets.

KILMEADE: Yeah, I mean it’s almost — but Jerry Nadler says I have the perfect guy to kick off my show.

EARHARDT: Who has time for that?

Who has time for that? Good question! Anyone who tweets that much — and with such venom — must be a total loser. Such a person must have way too much time on his hands and nothing valuable to contribute to society. And those nicknames! Who does that? Grow up, John Dean. Grow up!

I want to double-check something, just in case there’s even a vanishingly small chance that it’s true. Did I fall asleep while reading 1984 and get sucked into the pages through a wormhole? ‘Cause I want to get out now. Please?


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The hypocrisy is alarming. Anyone who tolerates the senseless spewimg of the rotten orange curd has no room to talk.


Faux news, who would of ever thought……


What is wrong with a FOX news? They are a bunch of liars just like Trump. They are a disgrace to the news media.