OK, this is just getting embarrassing.

Fox News keeps inviting Pete Buttigieg on, hoping to humiliate him in a “gotcha” moment.  Instead, their exchange always goes viral with #SlayerPete utterly humiliating them.



and still, yet AGAIN

But like Charlie Brown and the proverbial football, Fox refuses to quit. Each time, new hosts challenge the throne.

I mean, the Fox people have all the advantages here. He’s on THEIR turf. THEY know what questions they are going to ask him, and can spend days or weeks practicing responses and, in this case, coming up with fancy graphics to help shoot him down. On the other hand, Pete has seconds to come up with a response.

And yet, Pete calmly and rationally took apart their argument, leaving the Fox hosts frustrated that nothing they worked on was going to fly.  They just aren’t used to guests who are well-informed, know their job, and can articulate policy.


Fox’s graphic called the infrastructure plan a Trojan horse.  Pete: “It’s not Trojan, it’s American. And, it’s not a horse. It’s a highway system.”

I find it ridiculous that Fox is trying to argue that Biden isn’t spending enough on roads and bridges.  If he quadrupled the investment, I can promise you Fox wouldn’t like it one bit more. 

The extremely wealthy got the largest tax cut in history under Trump, and by curtailing that, we can invest real money into our crumbling infrastructure. It needs to happen now. It’s popular. It’s happening. And there isn’t a damn thing Fox and the GOP can do about it. 

You are always welcome to invite him back again, Fox. Unfortunately for you, he will always show.  When you mess with the Buttigieg, you get the horns. 


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  1. I love the Zen of Pete… there is no violence or resistance in his domination… it’s like fighting a big river… the swell of simply logic, the irresistible pressure of common sense, the overwhelming force of simple undeniable fact. You can argue with it… you can argue with gravity too… good luck with that!

    You think you’re such a great spin doctor you can spin the world in the wrong direction… you think you’re so good at confusing the truth, you can hide it behind lies and half truths… you think you’re too smart to be caught humping bull dung at your audience… A without even breaking a smile or a sweat, Pete shines a light on you and there you stand naked to the world doing the poopy dance… and you never learn.

    But it is entertaining.

  2. Pete is really educated and intelligent. It’s pretty hard for Fox to interview that type of person because they are clueless spouting to the clueless!


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