Fox asks Biden adviser for one Trump COVID lie: ‘I don’t want to take the whole interview’

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Are Fox News personalities in such a hermetically closed off alternate universe that they’re literally unaware of the daily fire hose of bullshit coming from the White House on all things COVID-19?

If Donald Trump could make you believe that he’s cast all the remaining coronavirus in the world into George Soros and Nancy Pelosi, he’d do that. But there are these pesky independent news outlets he’s somehow been unable to bully into packing up their shit and quitting.

On Fox News yesterday, Dana Perino hosted Biden campaign senior adviser Symone Sanders and didn’t get exactly what she was looking for.

PERINO: What specifically? I would like just even like one example of a lie from the White House about the coronavirus pandemic.

SANDERS: Um, everyone that wants a test can get a test? How about that lie? Because everyone who wants or needs a test in this country is not able to access testing. How about all the governors have the PPE and the ventilators that they need? We know that’s not true. There are folks in places from California to Michigan to Florida and in between who are sewing masks for frontline workers because they don’t have the proper PPE. Nurses and doctors are going into operating rooms in trash bags. And so there are a couple lies. I mean, I don’t want to take the whole interview to run through them …

PERINO: Okay …

SANDERS: But the reality is …

PERINO: No [unintelligible] because there is plenty of other things to talk about.

Seriously, though. Was Perino just being coy? Because how could you not know that Donald Trump has lied his ass off throughout the coronavirus crisis? How about the whopper that we’ve tested more than all other countries combined? Politifact rated that one “Pants on Fire.” 

If you’re a news organization and can’t think of any examples of Donald Trump lying about (pick a subject), you should really hand in your credentials and become a home shopping channel or something. Because you’re not doing your job.


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You do not want to get on the wrong side of Symone. Just facts and truth.


“It’s a hoax folks, it will be gone in April..when the heat comes out” ????