Former WH ethics chief: It was nice of taxpayers to sponsor Ivanka’s corporate trip to Dubai

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Ivanka Trump spent the weekend in Dubai to escape her father’s grotesque ogling do something or other obliquely related to her White House advisory role promote the Trump International Golf Club.

Well, the former White House ethics chief under President Obama and (oh so briefly) Donald Trump noticed:

Shaub actually lasted in the Trump administration for several months, until Trump apparently realized having a functioning ethics chief on staff was more superfluous than retaining a nutritionist, whose sole duty would no doubt be using the Jaws of Life to retrieve McNuggets from beneath POTUS’ adipose folds.

The government even put together a nice glam video for Ivanka’s modeling portfolio:

As they say, it’s good to be the king. And if you’re a celebrity, they let you do whatever you want.


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The feckless Ivanka using my/our tax dollars without a care in the f*ing world.


Is there no end to the way this family makes money from the taxpayers of America?
They must be ejected from the White House.