Former U.S. Pros. Says Redacted Mueller Report Will Show “compelling evidence of Trump’s crimes.”


(above: Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner (R) with some guy…)

As Mark Sumner’s excellent Daily Kos diary from this morning states, William Barr’s decision — albeit in reaction to vehement criticism — to release a redacted Mueller Report to Congress by mid April, though a step in the right direction, is by no means completely satisfactory and we should keep pushing for the appropriate House Committee Chairs to get an unedited version.

But former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, this morning on AM Joy seems confident that even the black lined version will contain substantial evidence of drumpf’s misdeeds.


“I would say, Joy, that’s contrary to the May 2017 appointment letter which set out the jurisdictional mandate, the scope, if you will, of Bob Mueller’s investigation. And it was worded much more broadly than that. In the first of three paragraphs, it said that Bob Mueller is directed to investigate any contacts or coordination between members of the Trump campaign and Russia. That’s a fairly broad mandate. So I don’t understand and I don’t think any of us will ever understand until we see the full Mueller report. Why Bill Barr would try to constrict the actual scope of Bob Mueller’s investigation? But what I remain confident of is that in those 400 pages, without even counting the attachments, Bob Mueller will have done a thorough job and we will all see what it is he found. And when he can’t clear the president of obstructing justice, I suspect what he found is going to be pretty dramatic.”

And that make’s sense when you think about it. The AG has already stated that Mueller couldn’t exonerate drumpf of obstruction.

Whether Barr sought to protect himself from obstruction charges with that statement, or whether he thought that a tacit admission of guilt would satisfy the media and the admin’s critics or he was angling to buy time for the right wing’s spin to take hold, he cannot now edit out evidence he has already admitted is there.

I suspect that what we are seeing play out, in real time, is Barr’s attempt to extricate dumbass and the GOP from valid charges of obstruction while also insuring that he, unlike Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchell, does not end up in ClubFed himself.

Surely Barr is savvy enough to know that, unlike his former clients in the West Wing, drumpf will not be able to keep his big stupid mouth shut long enough for him to work his black magic and disappear the consequences of his crimes.

Barr would do well to heed Rick Wilson’s warning in the title of his book Everything Trump Touches Dies.

That would include whatever tatters of your good name remains, Mr. AG.

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