Former Trump Official: ‘Hopefully Rudy Will Be On The Space Shuttle’

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Rudy Giuliani was not exactly making friends and pleasing people before the Ukraine controversy exploded in the headlines, via the July 25 Trump/Zelensky call, followed swiftly by the revelation of Rudy’s connection with Lev Parnas and Igor Furman, recently indicted for campaign finance violation, while attempting to flee the country. All in all, consensus in Trumpworld is that Rudy should just shut up and go away — and for ample reason.  Politico:

…Giuliani has been talking — a lot.

On Sept. 19, he denied he asked Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, only to admit it 30 seconds later.

On Sept. 24, he blew up at radio host Christopher Hahn during a joint television appearance, calling him a “moron” and an “idiot.”

On Oct. 6, he yelled at TV host Howard Kurtz, putting his fingers to his lips to shush him in the middle of the interview.

And in a series of phone interviews, Giuliani described himself both as a “hero” and the real “whistleblower” in the Ukraine saga, questioning why anyone would praise the person who initially raised concerns about Trump’s call.

“If I get killed now, you won’t get the rest of the story,” he warned POLITICO

Giuliani is Trump’s “television lawyer,” an area of legal specialization that Trump was heard to frequently demand, along with “killers” another area of law which you won’t find designated for certification in any state bar in the country, but which also features prominently in Trump’s legal lexicon. First Trump interviewed Joe diGeneva, whom he had seen on Fox News but didn’t like when he met in person, and when that didn’t work out, Rudy came to fill the void of television lawyer. The role of killer lawyer was first tried on Matthew Whitaker, whom Trump also discovered on the tube when he wanted to replace Jeff Sessions. When that magnificently flopped, Bill Barr was recruited as Trump’s killer, and Roy Cohn himself would probably approve of that pairing. Roy Cohn, incidentally, found Trump something of a killer himself. Cohn was quoted as saying, “Donald pisses ice water.”

In any event, Rudy Giuliani came on board as television lawyer, to head up Trump’s Mueller defense, and now Trump’s aides hold their breath, because impeachment is quite a different kettle of fish — but Rudy’s not worried in the least. “Jay and I got us through the last one, not the peanut gallery,” Giuliani said. “The president has made his views [on impeachment] quite well known.”

It’s not the first time prominent Republicans have complained to Trump about Giuliani. But those same allies say the situation has grown dire since the House opened its impeachment inquiry.

“I think he’s massively hurting,” said a person close to the Trump campaign. “His TV appearances are so confused and contradictory, he’s creating an impression of internal chaos.”

“He’s inarticulate,” said a Republican who speaks to the president. “Rudy hurts the president with inconsistent, confusing messages.”

One former senior administration official described it this way when asked what Trump’s strategy against impeachment should be: “Hopefully Rudy will be on the space shuttle.”

Doesn’t sound like much of a vote of confidence, does it? Say, what about this? Rudy can head up Space Force.

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Ghouliani is just bat shit crazy, while reading this,I too thought the same about him heading up the space force,he beat me to it ,maybe Rudy can get ahold of Elon to and book a seat on the next launch


I doubt he will be on the space shuttle. It goes through a decontamination process.

chris whitley
chris whitley

We can tie him to the nose.