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David Clarke Jr., the former Milwaukee County Sheriff who may or may not be currently gainfully employed at a Trump PAC, had a terrible, no good weekend. First, the news broke that the FBI got a search warrant for his email. The whole affair started in January 2016 when a fellow traveler on a flight to Milwaukee asked if he was Sheriff Clarke and then shook his head (in disgust) when Clarke affirmed it was him. Clarke ordered his deputies to come to the gate and they detained the man for questioning when he left the aircraft! 

That revelation set off Sheriff Snowflake and he began losing his mind on Twitter. Here is a brief taste of that meltdown. And no, we have no idea why he posts pictures of himself while tweeting.

But, it was this now deleted tweet that caused his account to be locked. He threatened to make “LYING LIB MEDIA” taste their own blood.

David Clarke threatening to make liberals

Twitter’s terms of service specifically forbid threats of violence. Of course, Twitter users rightly and hilariously mocked Clarke during his meltdown. Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara resolved to “laugh more” at Sheriff Clarke in the new year and Twitter user Matt Wilkinson hilariously updated Clarke’s charging dog image to be more … Clarke-like.

The band Smash Mouth also got in on the pile on:

Unfortunately, before this post was published, cowboy Clarke deleted the “taste their own blood” tweet that caused his suspension and was able to get his posting privileges back from Twitter. He started anew with a call for conservatives to get ready for battle in 2018. 

You gonna let this man and his friends win in 2018? What are you going to do this year to stop them in their tracks? Find a candidate and sign up to volunteer today!

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