Rob Schneider is a bit of a piece of work.  For years he has railed against the use of vaccines, and is no stranger to kooky movements and attitudes.  But this goes too far.  


First off, nobody is saying vaccines are wearing off.  Vaccine makers are looking to create a booster for more dominant variants.  But as for the lede?  To suggest an armed revolt against a movement to vaccinate people from death?  Yes that is too far.  It might even be illegal.  It is definitely indicative of a larger problem.

As I said Mr. Schneider has been an outspoken advocate of shall we say, the right to ignore the virus, for some time now.


Careers are a funny thing.  They are precious, and not easily replaceable.  But they are easier to destroy than a paper mache bicycle.

Still it is worth noting  Rob is not the only “SNL” personality promoting in some cases radical, mostly right wing views.

Victoria Jackson

From calling President Obama an “islamic jihadist” to a communist,  

Jackson is a long-time right-wing activist, even titling her 2012 autobiography Is My Bow Too Big? How I went from Saturday Night Live to the Tea Party.

David Spade

Spade criticized President Obama’s appearance on Running Wild, citing its lack of “dignity.” He also said in an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor that as he’s gotten older he now leans more toward Republican views.

Jon Lovitz

Lovitz has been openly critical of President Obama, once memorably calling him a “f—ing asshole,” and has said on Twitter that he is “not the Democrats of today.”

Of course at various times, Adam Sandler, Colin Quinn, and the purveryor of just about any “ist” you can think of, Norm MacDonald have been linked to the right wing as well, not to mention Dennis Miller himself.

Now for these people, as unappealing as these mostly D listers may be, they still have the right to harbor their views, however odious one might find them, but despite their D-list status, they still collectively hold influence over tens, if not, hundreds of thousands of people.

So while I can deal with opinions, I can not deal with even hinting at violence.  I can not deal with bringing even more destabilization into the world under the guise of “freedom.”  Does Schneider understand the epidemic of gun violence we face?  The radical political climate?  Or is he just trying to stir a pot for follows and views?

This country is at a crossroads where it must decide whether it is going to actually deal with all enemies, “foreign and domestic.”  Calling for a 2nd Amendment remedy, or revolution, is the exact kind of behavior that can not be allowed to go unanswered.

Schneider has a Netflix special coming up called, “Asian Momma, Mexican Kids” in August on Netflix.

Perhaps Mr. Reed Hastings should be asked how he feels about one of his on-air talents, in the shadow of a national insurrection, spouting off about using the 2nd Amendment to stop people from being vaccinated against the deadliest outbreak since the 1918 Pandemic.

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