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Here’s what former RNC Chairman Michael Steele tweeted to the standard bearer of the Republican party, Donald Trump.

Here’s what he said on MSNBC, video below.

“It will be a dear price to pay for the party next year because women and men around the country are looking at this going, ‘I cannot believe that you value the vote of a pedophile over leading this country, over protecting women.’”

“This political party, which has stood on the moral high ground for lo these 30-plus years and sanctimoniously telling people how to live their lives, what they should do and shouldn’t do, sanctimoniously judging people because are where they live — now they can sit back and say, ‘We want people to decide what they want to do.’ Really? This is it?” he said with disgust.

“That was a cauldron boiling and then the leadership decided to get down with the money, get down with the deals, with different relationships that took us on a pathway that here we are now,” he continued. “We saw that when the president came down that escalator, stood before the American people and called out the Mexican-American community talking about rapists and whatnot.”

It’s nice that this former Republican leader has a strong sense of what’s right and wrong. The current GOP leadership does not. Mitch McConnell is only too happy “to get down with the money, get down with the deals” and stay right there, from now until he’s in the legislative chamber that’s very warm and has shadows of flames dancing on the walls.

Hopefully, Steele’s political instincts are right and there will be a hell of a price to pay in 2018 because loss of power and that alone will bring about a course correction in the GOP.

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