In her article for the Daily Beast, MSNBC anchor Joy Reid suggests that Donald Trump is in real danger, and that republicans are actively looking toward a future that does not include the Donald.  She puts forward a theory that republicans are looking to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court before eventually discarding Trump in favor of Mike Pence.  

Joy puts forward the reasoning for why Trump’s presidency is becoming untenable.  The scandals involving the Russians and Michael Flynn, his horrible relationship with the members of congress, and his overall incompetence is causing everyone in Washington to question his viability as  president.  With each day that passes it becomes increasingly more apparent that Trump is not long for the world of politics.

Joy Reid cites West Wing Reports, who published former RNC chairman Michael Steele’s-now a consultant-thoughts on the matter in a tweet:

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We may get our wish with the disposal of Trump from office.  But we can’t be satisfied with that.  An illegitimate president should not be allowed the privilege of naming a Supreme Court justice. Please make your senator aware of this fact.

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