Sean Hannity likely knew that being named in court as a “Cohen-client” represented just the beginning of his troubles. Obviously, he knew he would have a hard time justifying not telling his viewers that he had some personal involvement with the president’s “personal fixer” – even on Fox, that level of duplicity is disfavored. So, that was a problem.

Were it to end only there.

No one can be sure as to what evidence relating to Hannity could have been turned up by the search warrant, or whether those documents or recordings would be of any interest to investigators. At least, not yet, anyway.

But, according to Raw story:

[F]ormer National Security analyst John Schindler and others have been warning for months that Hannity has helped the president spread Russian propaganda …

“We need to ask questions about Hannity’s relationship with the Kremlin, considering his track record of pushing rancid Russian disinformation on his Fox News program,” Schindler said. “Hannity is a propagandist, not a journalist, by his own admission, but if he has served as a witting conduit for lies crafted by Russian spies, Fox News needs to explain why they are airing Kremlin Active Measures aimed at the American public and calling it ‘news.’”

“Intelligence Community friends have told me that Sean Hannity has been under counterintelligence investigation for some time, based on his clandestine ties to Moscow,” he added. “Now we know why.”

Upon reading that, one can’t help but think of the horrific attacks Sean unleashed upon the Rich family who lost a son to a brutal murder, inferring that Seth Rich was somehow involved in “leaking the information” from the DNC. Yes, we can all agree that IF there was a “journalist” in America unprincipled enough to undertake such an attack, it would be Sean Hannity, that seemed like a reach, even for him, especially when Fox News itself swatted back the conspiracy theory. Yet, Sean pressed on, why?

Maybe we know.

Meanwhile, WikiLeaks, which dumped the stolen emails online during the 2016 campaign, offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of Rich’s killer — and Assange reportedly has been in contact with Hannity, Stone and Donald Trump Jr.

And who can forget Hannity’s role in helping to hype the nothing-burger Devin Nunes’ “Memo” as “bigger than Watergate,” and then pushed up the “charts” on the twitter machine by Russian bots.

It does make one wonder, and does make one think that Sean Hannity’s real “identity” is just starting to “leak” out into the open. Good thing that it appears the NSA has been on him for quite a while.

Oh, and wasn’t there a former Fox analyst that quit not long ago, complaining that the network had become nothing but propaganda for the president and Kremlin …?



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  1. My God. You truly do believe the “crazy” contained within this paranoid manifesto aka “this article”. This will serve as the inherent proof that you people-the anti-Trump contingent-have lost your minds.


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