Former GOP Rep Says ‘Republicans Are Going To Get Wiped Out in 2020’ Over Trump

FILE - In this Nov. 15, 2011, file photo former Rep. Joe Walsh, R-Ill., gestures during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington. The former Illinois congressman and radio host is standing by a Twitter post he sent after the fatal shooting of five police officers in Dallas in which he warned President Obama to “Watch out” and “Real America is coming after you.” Walsh told The Associated Press Friday, July, 8, 2016, he didn't intend to incite violence against Obama or anyone else. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

Former Republican congressman from Illinois, Joe Walsh, says that Donald Trump was elected by angry people, and this is why he gets away with what he does. Wednesday night’s rally in North Carolina should have been the tipping point, Walsh says, and Republicans should have started hopping off the band wagon, but they won’t, because they just don’t care. If you want to hear the whole clip, This is what he said on CNN Thursday, via RawStory:

They don’t give a damn what he does, they don’t give a damn what he says…he lied about what he did in North Carolina last night. This is on him. When I tell my [radio show] listeners that…they say, “I don’t care that he lies. I hate the Democrats.” They don’t care that he lies almost every single time he opens his mouth, because he’s so angry. And you get what you got last night.

As a former Republican member of Congress, it made me profoundly sad that the standard bearer of the Republican party, my party, is making “Send her back!” his campaign rallying cry. It’s ugly, it’s racist, it’s anti-American…it should have been denounced by the president last night, but he’s not capable of it.

Walsh was then asked how much of Republican leaders not speaking out against this, because they don’t want to suffer Trump’s ire.

They can’t stand what the president has unleashed, this big bowl of ugly. Privately, they are uncomfortable with what the president did last night. Bullcrap on being private uncomfortable. I’m sick of the private stuff. These Republicans have to get up the courage to stand up publicly and denounce this. If they don’t strongly, publicly denounce this un-American crap, Republicans are going to get wiped out in 2020.

So, privately Republican leaders are uncomfortable, but publicly they’re gutless. Okay.

Another former GOP rep, David Jolly of Florida, also went to town over the takeaways from Trump’s rally. 

We can’t forget that he single-handedly injected this poison into the mainstream of American politics. It is his fault. But you’re going to see Republicans devolve to love it or leave it. And in many ways I think it’s just as dangerous or more so than the chant “Send Her Back.” Love it or leave it suggests that you must agree with political leadership. It is anathema to everything this nation is founded on. Suggesting that Representative Omar must agree with an administration policy of putting kids in cages, or agree with injecting greater insecurity on the world stage, or agree with the president criminally obstructing justice in the Mueller investigation, or criminally engaging in campaign finance violations. And if she fails to agree, then she must leave.”

It’s heartwarming that former Republican members of Congress see things this way. What will it take to wake up the current ones? Meanwhile, Trump will doubtlessly forge ahead with his version of George Orwell’s Two Minute Hate, because that’s exactly who he is.


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2 Comments on "Former GOP Rep Says ‘Republicans Are Going To Get Wiped Out in 2020’ Over Trump"

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You seriously have to wonder what the tipping point is for Republicans. It’s all too lukewarm and too much lip service. Trump’s behaviour from day one of his presidency has been quite unbelievable, both at home and abroad. The “ugly” American image writ large, for the world to see. And the “F*ck you world, I don’t care” refrain is making the situation much worse. Karma is a bitch.

Paul Caddenhead
Paul Caddenhead

Outrageous distraction from what is being done to undermine the democracy of the U.S. and to move us toward war with Iran. So many reasons to put him out of office…