Former George W. Bush Staffers Form PAC To Raise Money For Joe Biden


Man, this is getting positively Twilight Zone-ish. The Lincoln Project, composed of Republican strategists going against Donald Trump was an amazing enough development, but now former staffers from the George W. Bush administration called “43 Alumni For Biden” have formed a PAC with the intention of raising money to elect Joe Biden and defeat the incumbent Republican president. Wow. Newsweek:

They said they knew Bush well enough not to need him to explicitly say to them he was rejecting Trump’s leadership because of the statement he made with former first lady Laura Bush about their public anguish over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and by Bush’s own veiled rebuke of President Donald Trump’s handling of the protests, when he said the voices of those who are hurting and grieving must be heard. “Those who set out to silence those voices do not understand the meaning of America—or how it becomes a better place,” he said. […]

Bush and many of the super PAC’s supporters—which include 162 members on a private Facebook page—have not backed Trump from the start. [former U.S. Treasurer Rosario] Marin, for example, was one of the few who endorsed Clinton in 2016, but others quietly did not support Trump. […]

One member of the group used to be a part of the RNC’s Hispanic Advisory Council supporting Trump in 2016, but left before the election because he disagreed with Trump’s hardline immigration messaging. Texas-based lawyer Jacob Monty—who has donated to Republicans since 1997—held a fundraiser for Biden in February, when the campaign’s prospects were most tenuous. […]

Abel Guerra, who worked at the White House and set up Bush’s memorable first pitch at Yankee Stadium after 9/11, pointed to a September Washington Post op-ed he wrote to explain why he backed Biden. Latinos, he said, don’t feel welcome in a party that “condones racism” and looks away while Trump “destroys America.”

“The once-proud party of Lincoln, established to abolish slavery, has been transformed into a comatose crew brainwashed by white identity politics and narrow-minded nationalist nostalgia,” he wrote.

This is just more endorsement of the proposition that the Lincoln Project is putting forth and which is certainly a statement of truth: this election is about a choice between America or Trump. The super PAC says that with or without Bush’s endorsement of Biden, the PAC will continue to do it’s work.

We’re not only seeing a battle for the White House and the Senate, we’re seeing an intra party war in the Republican party. Again, all I can say is wow. I am stunned.


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