We’re now learning what Brian Murphy, the former acting chief of the Department of Homeland Security’s intelligence office, told Congress in closed hearings Friday and Monday. Murphy filed a whistleblower complaint on September 8 alleging that Chad Wolf, the acting DHS chief, told him to “blame Far Left groups in an exaggerated fashion” for violence during summer protests in Portland, Oregon.

According to Murphy’s lawyer Mark Zaid, Murphy testified before Adam Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee that Wolf and others also told him to lie about the number of “illegal” border crossings from Mexico, along with adding details to his whistleblower testimony.

If you recall, Wolf is the guy who, in July 2020, went on a tear accusing “violent anarchists” of essentially burning Portland to the ground. Virtually none of his allegations were true. What violence was perpetuated was quickly shown to either be the work of random assholes taking advantage of the protests to throw bricks and start fires, or, more often, right-wing fascists perpetuating acts of violence and then blaming BLM protesters and near-mythical “antifa” forces for the mayhem.

Murphy testified that some, but by no means all, of the violence was perpetuated by protesters that his department would consider “far left.” Portland has long been the center of leftist protests against the WTC and other organizations, and some few “black bloc” protesters have become violent.

Murphy also testified that Wolf told him to keep silent about assessments of the serious threat posed by Russian intelligence operations to the November 2020 elections, in part because “it made the President look bad,” Murphy said.

Murphy also testified that Wolf urged him to play down U.S. white supremacist activity.

According to Zaid, the committee was interested in the allegations that Wolf and other DHS officials wanted him to support highly inflated numbers of people from Latin America crossing the border without authorization, and wanted him to lie about how many of them were supposedly plotting attacks on American targets.

Murphy confirmed that previous DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen lied to Congress when she provided a “deliberate submission of false material information” in her appearances.

A spokesperson for the Intelligence Committee said the committee will make Murphy’s testimony public, and added:

We expect the Department of Homeland Security to make available additional witnesses and fully comply with its legal obligation to produce documents in response to the Committee’s subpoena.

Zaid told reporters that the committee has already heard from twelve other witnesses concerning Murphy’s allegations.

In August, Murphy was “reassigned” — read “demoted” — after reporters learned that his office had improperly gathered intelligence information on two journalists who were reporting on the George Floyd murder.

I’m going to mentally bookmark this. I would hate to lose touch with this particular set of allegations when the firestorm of other allegations comes thundering out in the days and weeks after Trump and his goons leave the White House.

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  1. The whole vile, grotesque administration belongs in prison, and everyone knows it. I hope the rest of their pathetic lives are beyond miserable. I wish I was one of the prosecutors, I’d make damn sure.

  2. This is the way of corrupt politicians, namely republicans, and they need to be held accountable. Taken OUT OF OFFICE, and thrown in prison for what they have done and then denied it. IS THERE NO ACCOUNTABILITY, let’s see what really happens to them. Where’s the justice system?

  3. Wow. That’s a hell of a Christmas gift, honestly. Maybe we can get someone to hold these goons accountable and throw them into prison?

  4. Prosecute and lock up all these fukers or this $h!t will come back with a vengeance upon us and our country. Send a clear and powerful message that this will not be tolerated. GOP enablers must be punished even if only to vacate present office and never allowed to hold public office again.


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