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Once again this former Bush official shows his bravery as he criticized his party. He made it clear the Republican Party was on a suicide mission.

Telling the truth about one’s party can be liberating. This Bush official has been doing it now for several years.

Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, the former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s chief of staff, appeared on All-In with guest host Joy-Ann Reid. Reid and Wilkerson discussed the head of each branch of our military bucking the President by releasing statements reiterating that the military does not tolerate racism. Wilkerson said that was the right thing to do especially to ensure that things do not get out of hand.

Colonel Wilkerson pointed out that Trump’s character was no match for Colin Powell whom he respected highly. Reid pointed out that it was ironic that Americans are looking up to these military persons to protect them from an erratic civilian president. Wilkerson implied that the American Empire is behaving like most that have lost their power, they are overdependent on the military.

Joy-Ann Reid asked Wilkerson for his impression of the Trump press conference where Trump defended the Alt-Right. He did not mince his words in this excerpted video.

“Joy you know I’ve said in the past that my party, my Republican Party has racists all over it,” Lawrence Wilkerson. “Ever since Nixon’s Southern Strategy, when we invited all those hard case Democrats of which one was my grandmother in South Carolina, into the ranks of the Republican Party, we’ve had that element to deal with. And now we’re seeing what dealing with that element over the last thirty, forty years has done to the Republican Party. Now it is responsible in many ways for Donald Trump and yet it doesn’t know how to possess him or to disown him. It’s stuck with him. And it’s going to deal with that. And I’m afraid that at the end of that time, we may see this party, having committed suicide.”

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