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Sweet Jesus, just how fucking stupid can one human being be?!? We are less than a week into Trump’s autocratic attempt to stop mail in voting by gutting the post office, and already the Democrats in congress are the least of his worries. Not far.

In the noon Pacific hour, 3 PM Eastern, Brian Williams of MSNBC had retired U.S. Army General Russell Honore, the Hero of Katrina on to discuss Trump’s tinkering with the post office to try to alter the validity of mail in ballots. Honore was coldly outraged. He spoke about how he, as a veteran, relied on timely postal delivery for necessary medications to his door. Honore noted that only today, facing a delayed shipment of medications, he had been forced to make alternate arrangements and drive to a Walgreen’s to get his prescription. He angrily decried the similar situation for his brothers and sisters who wore the cloth of this country, but didn’t have the option of going to a drug store for a refill.

And apparently Honore isn’t the only veteran who is mightily pissed. Veterans share a nostalgic bond with the post office, they are the ones who made sure that letters and cookies from home got through, and made sure that their absentee ballots were delivered in time to fill out and return.  And the others who are equally pissed off are the ones who have the money to put where their collective mouth is. Earlier today, released a blistering condemnation of Trump’s antics;

And veterans aren’t the only ones who have a distinct fondness for the post office. We have hundreds of thousands of active duty military personnel who are posted all around the globe. Their families are aware of the basic time frame for delivery to these locations, but still depend on a timely hand off to assure that even non perishable baked items arrive while still good. And let’s not forget the tens of thousands of career foreign service officers scattered around the globe. They depend on the postal service for timely transfer of their packages from home for delivery to the FPO’s where they are posted.

I find it almost inconceivable that any one person on the planet can be this fucking stupid. Trump and his campaign are obviously in full out panic mode, And in their feverish panic to stomp out brush fires, they are completely ignoring the law of unintended consequences. And with this stomp, they are alienating two reliably GOP constituencies that they can’t afford to piss off when the rest of the planet is already against them. What a way to run a railroad. Keep it up, genius, you’re knocking it outta the park!

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  1. Yeah, I knew he was stupid. But jeez, can anyone be that stupid. No wonder he has bankrupted everything he’s tried to run including the US. What an effing moron.

  2. I’d been wondering if our local mail was suffering from delays. Yesterday the 13th I received mail sent on the 5th, that required a response by no later then the 10th. It was sent from a town 120 miles west of me. Guess I don’t have to wonder any more, it’s obvious the mail is being delayed. I’m also one of those disabled vets waiting on meds. They also come from that town 120 miles west. Now I know why they are taking 4X more time to be delivered.

  3. The desperation is beyond anything the world has ever seen, EVER! He’s going to prison with the loss and he knows it. NO ONE IS MORE DESERVING!

  4. I also am having delays in getting my mail. I say again he is interfering with the election and should be arrested and spend some time in jail.

  5. Not only veterans are waiting for prescriptions. Many folks who are housebound, do not have the option of driving to their nearest pharmacy (14 miles). We pay people from our social security checks to retrieve prescriptions, to replace the ones delayed in the mail. In case of pain medication it cannot be replaced and so one sits and hurts and waits.
    If Rump is on pain medication, hold it from him for a few days to make our point.


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