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Everywhere you turn these days, there’s no shortage of people on television who all get paid too much money by contributing to global warming by talking too damn much about politics. And right now, they’re all babbling away like brooks about the dangers of the Democrats screwing up the opportunity of a lifetime by not having a coherent, overreaching “message” to use to take advantage of the almost historic Republican weakness going into 2018. Yada-yada-yada, talk to the hand, dude.

I’m not so sure exactly what the problem is here. In 2017 the Democrats overperformed the GOP by at least 20 points in every special election, flipped seats in Illinois local elections, blew the GOP out of the water in the off year Virginia state elections, and won a US Senate seat in ruby red Alabama. The message was no more clear all year long than it is right now, and it didn’t make a tinkers cuss of difference. News flash for all of the chattering craniums out there. It seems to me that politics has gone back to what it was in the past, being dominated by local issues rather than a grand “master plan” message. The “message” those Democrats are using right now seem to be working pretty well, why mess with success.

But while everybody is baying at the moon like a bunch of simple minded werewolves about the Democrats lack of messaging, nobody is paying the slightest bit of attention to the fact that the Republicans have absolutely no message at all to run on. Think about it for a minute. I did, and here’s what I came up with, the GOP is if anything, even more message deficient than the Democrats are.

Since 2009, the Republicans have run on one thing, and one thing only. REPEAL FREAKIN’ OBAMACARE!!! Well, guess what kiddies? Those days are over. They won the House, they won the Senate, and then they won the White House. And they couldn’t get that one simple thing done. While the Democrats can run against GOP incumbents who voted to kill the increasingly popular law, the Republicans can’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. Taking pride in voting to repeal a law that will take healthcare away from constituents is not such a good idea, and besides, mentioning the ACA only reminds their core supporters that they were unable to make good on an 8 year promise.

What else? Oh yeah, their tax bill! Running on the merits of a brand new law that enjoys an overwhelming 24% support among the public sounds like a sound tactical decision to me. And come November, when any petty tax break they got is snowed under by the double digit premium increase for their health insurance, due to their repealing the individual mandate provision of the ACA, they should be able to pick up at least another 50 seats in the House.No sweat.

But, but, but…He appointed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court! Yep, he did. He appointed a dude to a stolen Supreme Court seat, and don’t think that the Democrats aren’t going to be reminding their voters of that next November, especially in races at the scene of the crime, the Senate. besides, when you look at it logically, this is a loser message for the GOP. For every bible thumping evangelical that the GOP gives a nocturnal emission to with the Gorsuch reference, there are at least two minorities who will suffer from his discriminatory votes, and at least three women who actually give a shit about  Roe v Wade and reproductive rights. But when you get away from the people who are most directly impacted by that decision, does it resonate? Ask yourself this, when is the last time you actually thought about which President named which Justice? When they rule the way you want them to, they’re the bees knees. When they don’t, they’re nine national nags in black muumuus.

And then there’s cutting red tape and government regulations. Well, if you’re a major polluter or own a corporation under the government thumb, this might be an emotional lap dance for you, but it doesn’t blow my skirts up. Cutting federal regulations don’t pay my rent or put gas in my car. But when people start having to keep their kids with respiratory problems indoors due to high pollution alerts, it might just become an issue. And why don’t they ask the people of Flint, Michigan how they liked the government relaxing regulations for their water cource?

So, if the Republicans are rolling around like a pig in a puddle about the problems the Democrats are having with their messaging, they might want to try to write a bumper sticker or two for their own 2018 efforts. Or better yet, please don’t. I’d rather see the dogs breakfast ads that come out in another six months instead. And I think so would most Democrats. Please continue Republicans.

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