If you check Donald Trump’s public schedule for today, he has nothing on calendar. It’s yet another day when the *president* whom we were assured was “working tirelessly” on our behaves from Mar-a-Lago is sitting in a funk and spastically tweeting from time to time and thinking about nobody but himself. Meanwhile, in the real world, the 330 million Americans whose care Trump is charged with, are facing issues that he himself has never faced and can’t even imagine. Moreover, he doesn’t care about their plight. He’s too busy cobbling together a tabloidesque drama, with himself at the center, to simply sign the $2.3 Trillion spending package with $900 Billion in pandemic aid that would stop this nightmare. In four years of ugly, this is the most grotesque thing Trump has done yet. New York Times:

The consequences of such a delay are dire, economists, policy experts and lawmakers said, particularly as the United States’ economic recovery continues to sputter and the pandemic ravages the country. Some warned that any resolution at this point may be too late for families who will have lost their only lifeline shielding them from the brunt of the pandemic’s economic toll, and will further burden overwhelmed state unemployment agencies waiting for guidance on how to enact the legislation.

“Foreclosures, hunger, homelessness, suicide,” said Michele Evermore, a senior policy analyst for the National Employment Law Project, a nonprofit workers’ rights group. “There will be very permanent things that happen to people that can’t be fixed by a check in three weeks.”

Even if the legislation becomes law before the end of the 116th Congress on Jan. 3, the delay will have guaranteed a temporary lapse in unemployment benefits because states will not be allowed to restart benefits until the first week of January. The delay has also effectively reduced the scope of the extension and expansions in the relief bill because they are still scheduled to end in mid-March. A provision in the bill adding $300 a week to unemployment benefits would now last for 10 weeks, instead of the intended 11.

Here’s a snapshot of a real world couple, facing real world problems, because a petulant child who has control of the levers of government won’t do his job, because he’s holding the omnibus bill ransom so he can extort something that will impress his followers, while doubling down on his stolen election CT. Again, the indescribable irony of all this, is that Trump is dying to hang onto a job that he doesn’t like and doesn’t want to do. Go figure.

Hicham Oumlil, a self-employed fashion designer in Brooklyn, said that he and his wife, a furloughed interior designer, are both set to lose nearly $600 a week, leaving the couple and their 7-year-old son without a source of income. Having paid less than half of his rent each month for the past three months, Mr. Oumlil, 48, said he feared falling deeper into debt if the relief bill did not become law.

“Our livelihoods have been shattered,” he said. “The government is showing no leadership. I am floored by what is currently happening in Congress.”

This American may fear falling deeper into debt but at least he has that option. A lot of Americans have maxed out credit lines, burned through bank accounts and they’re just trying to eat. These are the people that you read stories about shoplifting bags of pasta to survive.

This is America on Trump. Again, the fact that 74 million people voted for their own self destruction is something that I marvel at and probably will till my dying day. For right now, we need to get through this crisis and bid the mango moron adieu forever. And then somehow, someway, there has to be a way of reaching 74 million lost people and communicating with them. Or at some time in the future, in some election, America will be lost. We dodged the bullet this time, but we don’t have the luxury of sitting back and sighing, like the hero at the end of a movie where the monster has been vanquished, that we’re okay now and we’re going to live happily ever after. We’re not. We need to fix what’s wrong in this country. The monster hasn’t been vanquished. It’s merely been forced into retreat.



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  1. I think Biden/Harris and skilled intelligent admin. should sign: “Emergency 8yr. Term”. I don’t think 4yrs. is going to be long enough to fix our “Burned to the ground” country. ????

  2. I me er thiught I would. E ashamed to vr American but I am . Tha kfully good people are stepping up and working and running food banks and giving money as much as possible to help each other. Where is. Bezos and how is he contributing. He has made billions and could chip in a billion or two to help people pay their rent. Hmmmmm? Mr B??????

  3. Reality is: we’ve paid our taxes for years (twump hasn’t), the money should be there. There’s enough for all to receive a monthly check for a year, not a flimsy check for a month only! This is what twump has done and playing ping pong with Moscow mitch. AMERICA WAKE UP!


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