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One nice thing if you’re The Twiddlethumbs in Chief, you never let the facts get in the way of a good tweet. Trump is never more dangerous than when he doesn’t have John Kelly to manage every minute of his day, after all, we well know that “Idle thumbs are the Devils workshop.” His inferiority complex is unbounded where Barack Obama is concerned, and thank God that his BFF’s at Fox and Friends were able to provide him with some much needed balm for his raw Obama nerves;

I am shocked! I had no idea that Obama was so unpopular so quickly in his first term. And I kind of tend to pay attention to this kind of stuff, since I write about it every day! It turns out that there is an actual word that describes that Rasmussen poll. That word is outlier. When you look at the Real Clear Politics average, Trump is currently mired at 39.9%, nowhere near 47%. Fox and Friends is a perfect media soulmate for His Lowness, they both love to cherry pick to find things that will back up their nonsense.

This has not been a good year for Der Gropinfuror as far as polls are concerned. You need a miners helmet to find his popularity in any honest poll. His vaunted tax giveaway law is currently polling at 24% approval. Only Trump could manage to find a way to make the ACA even more popular than it was by threatening to deep six it. His decision to back out of the Paris Climate Accord has states going behind his back and promising that they will abide by the accord even if he won’t. His decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel sparked not only condemnation, but riots in the East Bank as well. And Time booted him off of the cover as “Man of the Year” in favor of the “#Metoo” movement, you know, women who call out sexual predator creeps like him? But hey, Rasmussen says that he’s almost as popular as Obama after his first year, so all is right in the world, the rest of it is all fake news.

But now comes the cruelest cut, which may have inspired this latest twitter tantrum. The “Most admired man” poll was like a double dagger to his heart. He lost that poll to Barack Obama, 17% to 14%. This is extremely unusual, sitting Presidents normally win that poll simply based on name recognition. Ask somebody which man they most admire, and when they try to think of famous men, the President is most often the first one that comes to mind, and that’s the name they blurt out. Not in Trumps case. But the second dagger was even more satisfying. When asked which woman they admire most, once again Hillary Clinton topped the list. But Melania made the list too, she was tied with Beyonce at something like 2%, so ti wasn’t t total loss. But here’s the sweet spot. Hillary Clinton got 17% of the vote, as compared to Trumps 14% on the men’s side. If that ratio sounds familiar, it should, it’s 3%, scarily close to Hillary’s winning margin over Trump in the popular vote in the election. Trumps inferiority complex should be at Defcon 5 after that hit.

So, given Trumps obsession with his popularity, maybe citing polls is not exactly the way to go. For every one that shows him as popular, there are ten more out there that expose him as the miserable shit he is. But Trump is a man of action, and I hear that he has a plan. Once he gets back to Washington, watch for an Executive Order banning all polls but Rasmussen from being taken in the United States. What the hell, they’re all fake anyway.

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