For those considering Joe or Elizabeth? Please, consider the MATH before making your choice.

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I took the weekend off politics, went to the beach with my sister and granddaughter & her boyfriend. Much to my surprise I get up today and find out Pete Buttigieg has joined Tom Steyer and dropped out of the race.  And now, Amy Klobuchar.

Then, even more to my surprise, I see massive movement of those who lost their preferred candidate to Joe Biden and most often their reason appears to be “I think Warren might be better, but I have to go with Biden because…” inevitability?

Folks, DO NOT let the TV talking heads confuse you. This is STILL anyone’s race to win.

I say that based only on math.

Because as of today THIS is the state of the race:

Pledged Delegates available in the race: 3,979

Pledged Delegates needed to win the nomination before the Convention: 1,991

Number of delegates won (in total by all candidates) to date: 154 out of 3,979

Number of delegates won by each candidate:

58 — Bernie Sanders

54 — Joe Biden

26 Pete Buttigieg (Candidate has dropped out)

8 — Elizabeth Warren

7 — Amy Klobuchar (Candidate has dropped out)

2 Tom Steyer (Candidate has dropped out)

So when the tv talking heads or anyone else tells you “this is now a 2 man race”?


Because it is just not true today.

It MAY be true after this week, because tomorrow is SuperTuesday and 33.8% of all of the delegates will be awarded by the large number of states voting tomorrow (14 state primary ballot elections and the American Samoa Caucus).

I say all of this because when I got up this morning to the news that it’s a choice now between Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden I was flabbergasted.

There is still another person in this race who has enough funds to continue (she raised over $29 Million in February!) and the ground support already in place to continue the long slog until the August Convention.

That person is Elizabeth Warren.

She also happens to be the best choice for those who want a president who will come out of the general election with a definitive win over Donald Trump. If you want to see who would be best suited to defeat Trump just watch Warren scourge Mike Bloomberg and imagine she’s on stage with Trump instead of Bloomberg here:

I’ve got nothing against Joe Biden, except for the fact that he continues to this day to spend far too much time with his foot in his mouth. The Media didn’t call him “gaffe-ridden” the entire eight years of the Obama two terms for nothing.

Can we afford to go into November with a guy who might just blow the whole thing on the day before the Election with some terrible and unnecessary gaffe? 

So if you don’t want to vote for Bernie Sanders in November and you will cast your ballot in the primary tomorrow?

Please think carefully and consider your choice in terms of who is our best choice to WIN in November.

Because that person is Elizabeth Warren.

I know it.

I’ve read comments saying “I would like Warren but I’m gonna have to go with Joe,” and I have to tell you — IF YOU WOULD REALLY RATHER HAVE WARREN then give HER your vote.

Because THAT is what primary elections are for. Choosing the person YOU want and think is going to be the best president. If you really want Elizabeth, now is the time to make it so.

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Thank you. I chose Elizabeth Warren this morning. Nothing agaings then two white old men. They havehad their turns. Time for a change and an adult in the White House. I read Biden’s Book when
it first came out. I was not impressed. If you get a chance read it.

David Bishop
David Bishop

None of these hacks can win against trump in november. Just don’t care anymore.


For people that want to go progressive but are concerned about Bernie’s Socialist label Elizabeth Warren might be a good choice. Fox is making sure that their low information voters equate communism with socialism & they’re too stupid to know the difference so there is that.

Couldn’t agree more !! She can get down in the gutter where tRump eats Big Macks & boogers. She’ll kick him in the ass so many times, he’ll have a melt down live on TV, who can’t wait for that ? Bone-spurs only won the last election because he went so low attacking his rivals while THEY took the classy policy rhetoric. How’d that go ?..As she said, the masses are tired of being kicked in the dirt by billionaires. tRump got away with it by spewing out “drain the swamp” & “lock her up” sound bites. Ya don’t bring… Read more »

Elizabeth Warren as President would be the best thing to happen to the U.S. In a very long time. I don’t think people realize how incredibly intelligent she is. Having her is a really nice thought, as opposed to the fcking nightmare we’re living.