FOR SALE: Democracy. CHEAP!

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OK, this has gone too far. Now they’ve got me screaming at the television screen, like your less than stable grandpa in the nursing home, No you stupid shit, I said to pick the letter “T”! But that’s what the attempted desecration of democracy can do to you, if you take it too seriously.

First, a couple of general observations. Obviously, Peter Smudgepit, or Philpott, or Philbin, or Fillin, or whatever, is the one on straight salary over there. Because he’s getting all of the questions that don’t go to He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. One Senator specifically asked Pat Cappuccino to answer, and they sent Philbin up there instead. I guess the rest of them figure, Shit, he’s never working in this town again, why should we look like morons?

It was nice to see Bondilocks make a surprise cameo appearance yesterday. She was looking good too, knocking it out in that fitted suit, every bit the former state Attorney General. Then she opened her mouth and showed her true colors, just another corrupt GOP mouthpiece taking a ride on the Trump gravy train.

Martha McSally has got to be the dumbest sumbitch in the Senate, since she co-sponsors more brain dead questions than anybody else in the chamber. It’s like, any time a GOP Senator doesn’t want to look like a dumb shit, they drag McSally along for the ride, It ain’t just me guys, McSally doesn’t know either!

But now, let’s talk turkey. There are three things that are being repeated over and over again by the GOP shills, and not only do they defy all evidence and logic, they are both dangerous and pernicious at the same time.

For one thing, Lev Parnas and Igor Furman are wandering around Big Town right now, sporting snazzy ankle accessories because they’re awaiting trial on charges of making illegal campaign contributions. Basically, they are being accused of being straw donors by donating foreign money to US political campaigns and aligned Super PAC’s. Turns out that FEC law prohibits not only a foreign government, but any foreign national from donating money, or any thing of value to a US political candidate or campaign.

Now, any political candidate will tell you that if they decide they want some dirt on an opponent, that costs money. Depending on how deep you want the dig to be, opposition research can cost you more money than advertising, and if they don’t find anything useful, then it was wasted money and effort. So obviously, oppo research is considered a thing of high value.

Except to His Lowness’ lawyers. Catch this convoluted logic. Since at it’s core, oppo research is nothing more than information, and information is freely available if you know where to look, then oppo research is not a thing of value, regardless of the source or veracity. Therefore, a foreign individual or government can give any kind of information to a candidate, and that’s hunky-dory. Not only that, but since it’s just information, a candidate can ask for it freely! Which just goes to show what total schmucks Parnas and Furman are, because if they had just handed $350,000 of oppo research to that Super PAC, they’d be free men today, right?

Second, the whole problem with making a process argument, which is the only kind of argument the GOP lawyers can make, since both the facts and the law are against them, is that processes are still linear things. Which means that the GOP lawyers aren’t just arguing against the Democrats, they’re arguing against themselves. For instance, Philwhatever argued repeatedly yesterday that the House Intelligence committee subpoenas were invalid from the moment they were signed, since there had been no floor vote to authorize the impeachment investigation prior to them being issued. That is a classic process argument. The problem for the GOP is that the constitution leaves the process of impeachment up to the House to decide, so what Philbin is actually arguing is tradition, which has no legal standing.

In the very next breath, Philbin turns around and argues that the Senate is under no obligation to call witnesses or compel documents, because the constitution leaves it up to the Senate as to what rules to run their trial under..Once again, Philbin tries to use a process argument, only this time to green light the kind of behavior on the GOP side that he is using the same argument against for the Democrats. This is the kind of two faced bullshit that the Trump defense is reduced to.

In repeated arguments yesterday, Harvard constitutional law fraud Alan Dirtyshitz not only laid out an argument that was not tethered to the constitution, he laid one out that was antithetical to everything that the constitution stands for in the first place. This argument is incredibly convoluted, so I’ll try to make it as sane as possible.

Dirtyshitz was arguing on the point of whether or not something Trump, or any President did, was for his personal benefit, or for the public good. *Deep Breath* OK, stick close to me here. Dirtyshitz argued that if a president is elected, of course ,he wants to be reelected, since no president ever thinks he’s a bad president. Here comes the sick, twisted shit. Ready? Since the president thinks that he’s doing a good job, his being reelected is in the public interest! Therefore, if a president does something unethical or illegal to benefit his own interest in getting reelected, because he believes that his reelection serves the public interest, nothing he says or does could rise to the point of an impeachable offense!

Dirtyshitz’ argument is not only unconstitutional it is by nature despotic! This Harvard Law School dipshit is actually proposing that once a president takes the oath of office, he literally becomes the state! Nothing that the president says or does is impeachable, because once he becomes the president, he is the country, and what is good for the president is good for the country. Period. Full stop. And apparently the Senate GOP morons are lapping this up like a kitten with a pint of cream, since they had him repeat it at least twice. The Senate Republicans are apparently embracing an alleged constitutional argument that would in fact nullify the constitution and create an authoritarian monarchy. After this pathetic performance, I find it impossible to believe that the Harvard Law School won’t tell Dirtyshitz that he’ll have to find somewhere else to sit next year, as his throne needs to be reupholstered. After all, that stupid Love Story movie was bad enough for their reputation as it was, but this is a bridge too far.

I don’t know if I have the stomach for eight more hours of this shit, but I have no choice. I have the nagging feeling that if Yertl the Turtle thinks he can squeeze out the votes, he might try to bring the second 8 hour session to an early close, and ran through the decisive votes today while the iron is hot. Don’t touch that dial.

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chris whitley
chris whitley

Yeah you are right! Martha M. is somewhere in the two digit range on IQ. And I am glad we got the whole sale of the government sorted out. No cheap shit for the US. We want our pay in rubles.


Man has tried every conceivable form of government, democracy being the last, it too has proven a failure and the need for Gods Kingdom to takeover human affairs here on this planet. Its coming and very very soon.

David Bishop
David Bishop

Old white men in power will be the death of us all.