This time every four years the airwaves in America are dominated by political theater — but nobody has ever seen anything like what’s going on in 2020. Not even close. And that includes 2016, which, for all of it’s bizarreness, did not have an impeached incumbent, a crooked as hell attorney general, convicted felons getting pardoned, or a global pandemic, or 32 million unemployed Americans, or, just for comic relief, a mentally ill rapper who has decided to throw his hat in the ring.  No, we thought the pussygate audio and the porn star payoffs were pretty wild, plus there was rumbling in the background about Russia. What about Russia?

But the most curious thing about this election season is that for all of the dead weight — not to mention dead bodies — on the GOP side of the scale, the biggest talking point in Fox News world is how senile Joe Biden is. Ummm…isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, you ask? Yup.

Taking several pages from Fox’s book, the Daily Show updated this series of clips to include Donald Trump’s most recent horrific gaffes. What you will see here, is Fox News personalities, dissing Biden, intercut with Trump doing as bad — or worse — than Biden could ever dream of. It is a hoot.

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  1. Drumpf has NEVER been okay, it’s just on full display daily what used to be hidden and controlled in private, but it is nice they are FINALLY noticing something is wrong with him, not that it will effect how they vote however. They seem to enjoy having an insane wannabe dictator who thinks and says exactly what they’ve always thought and said themselves.

  2. He’s criminally insane and belongs in prison. But I guess I’ll settle for the money laundering/tax fraud crimes he will be charged for. There will be some really uncomfortable time coming. DANCING. ON. THE. CEILING.

  3. He’s following the radical left agenda. Take away your guns. Destroy your Second Amendment. No religion! No anything! Hurt the Bible! Hurt God! He’s against God! He’s against guns! He’s against energy, our kind of energy. Uh, I don’t think he’s going to do too well in Ohio….SAID THE DERANGED IDIOT trump…today i Ohio.
    Who can buy into this shit?


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