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since 2006 (the earliest year for which Latinos are separately identified in Vital Statistics), the Latino population has experienced a growing life expectancy advantage relative to Whites, increasing from an advantage of 2.1 y in 2006 to 3.3 y in 2017. Under the medium scenario, this advantage is estimated to decline to 0.93 y in 2020, smaller than ever recorded nationally.…

There is a problem with holding and even worse using the media to report belief as if it holds an equal value with facts.

For Example Trump began his Presidency by claiming that Illegal Mexican Immigrants were murderers and rapists.

When in fact they commit less crime than native  born citizens

Crime rates among undocumented immigrants are just a fraction of those of their U.S.-born neighbors, according to a first-of-its-kind analysis of Texas arrest and conviction records.

Compared to undocumented immigrants, U.S. citizens were twice as likely to be arrested for violent felonies in Texas from 2012 to 2018, two-and-a-half times more likely to be arrested for felony drug crimes, and over four times more likely to be arrested for felony property crimes,…

These are recent Texas Numbers but they are very detailed from a border state with a lot more Illegal Mexican Immigrants per capita so I thought it would be interesting.  To see National Numbers look down below.

Among people aged 18-54, 1.53 percent of natives are incarcerated, as are 0.85 percent of undocumented immigrants and 0.47 percent of documented immigrants, according to the Cato study of comparative incarceration…

If Trump was really scared about crime he would start deporting Native US Citizens and reduce crime nationwide almost by half. The Media of course did not mention this at all the entire time Trump ran for President.  and People  wonder why Minorities Don’t watch or read the news much?

Another Trump racist claim is that Illegal Mexican Immigrants are a drain on society

TRUMP: “America proudly welcomes millions of lawful immigrants who enrich our society and contribute to our nation but all Americans are hurt by uncontrolled illegal migration. It strains public resources and drives down jobs and wages.”

THE FACTS: The U.S. is not experiencing “uncontrolled” illegal immigration. The debate is over whether the controls are strong enough.

As for the costs, a major academic study in 2016 by the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine found the job impacts of immigration, when measured over at least 10 years, are very small. It found immigration — legal and illegal — is an overall benefit to long-term economic growth.

Some evidence suggests that skilled immigrants boost wages. Native-born Americans without a high-school degree are most likely to suffer.…

Nope they pay more in taxes than they ever get back from the US government and help keep Social Security solvent. Heck they pay more taxes than Trump… by actually paying taxes:).

IMMIGRANTS ILLEGALLY IN the U.S. collectively contribute nearly $12 billion each year to state and local tax coffers, according to a new report that challenges recent election cycle rhetoric.

The study from the Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy found that immigrants in the U.S. without legal permission kick in their billions in the form of income, property, sales or excise taxes.…

However, when looking at the share of total income paid in taxes, the institute’s report estimates the average tax rate for immigrants in the country illegally is higher than the rate paid by America’s top earners.

“Undocumented immigrants’ nationwide average effective tax rate is an estimated 8 percent,” the report said. “To put this in perspective, the top 1 percent of taxpayers pay an average nationwide effective tax rate of just 5.4 percent.”…

Never mind Trump I wonder how many lives would be saved if Jeff Bezos and his 1% top income earning friends paid taxes at the same rate Illegal Immigrants do? What if we actually had that money to spend on fighting the Coronavirus? Just pay people $5,000 a month for 2 months to stay home and we would not be facing a half million dead by the end of February.

The cost of treating all those people plus the cost of medical treatment for delayed medical procedure’s because hospitals are busy, the economic cost of shutting down bars restaurants, People driving less because they don’t have a job and flying less because planes are a great way to get sick, the cost of cleaning business constantly to stop the spread of the Corona Virus, well it all adds up.

I suspect the 1% are getting rich shorting the the stock market since aside from Amazon consumer demand is down.

But what happens when the stock market runs out of money because of less consumer demand to pay the shorts?

Racists are not the only ones who are short sighted it seems.

“Who pays in taxes? You really believe they pay in taxes? … Do you think that an illegal immigrant getting money is going to be paying taxes?” Trump asked during an interview. “OK, sure, some probably do, only because the employers are insisting on it. But there’s very little, percentage-wise. There’s very little. Probably 5 percent, 10 percent. It’s a very small amount [who] pay taxes.”

The actual percentage of immigrants lacking legal permission who pay taxes is much higher, according to researchers. The institute’s report estimates about a third of such immigrants nationally are homeowners, subjecting them to property tax payments. Another 50 percent are believed to pay income taxes. And as much as 75 percent of the population is believed to pay into the U.S. Social Security system (a system of benefits they wouldn’t be eligible to receive anyway unless they became U.S. citizens)…

If all undocumented immigrants were deported today, next year’s Social Security trust funds would have approximately $13 billion less for benefit payouts. It’s a considerable loss of dollars, especially when it’s projected that the Social Security funds will be depleted by 2034.

According to New American Economy, undocumented immigrants contributed $13 billioninto the Social Security funds in 2016 and $3 billion to Medicare.…

   So $12 billion to local and state taxes, $13 billion to Social Security and $3 billion to medicare a Year!

Ok but where is the Unconscious Self Sabotage?

Well If Trump had gotten his way and deported every Illegal Immigrant he would have needed to raise taxes $28 billion a year.

Another example of how racists self sabotage

since 2006 (the earliest year for which Latinos are separately identified in Vital Statistics), the Latino population has experienced a growing life expectancy advantage relative to Whites, increasing from an advantage of 2.1 y in 2006 to 3.3 y in 2017. Under the medium scenario, this advantage is estimated to decline to 0.93 y in 2020, smaller than ever recorded nationally.…

Trump has talked about at his rallies how his supporters have superior genes, the Media has gone on and on about how Minorities are dying more from the Corona Virus. Sensing an objection  Yes it is true Minorities especially Mexican Illegal Immigrants are dying more from the Corona Virus.

Trump is reported to have not wanted to do anything about the Corona Virus because the Virus was effecting Blue States (Racist Code words for Minorities ).

I want to see the faces of Trump Bannon and Miller when someone ( I doubt the Media will do it but someone might )  when they are told  that their plan to not to do anything about the coronavirus because it was not effecting their voters resulted in Hispanic life expectancy dropping but its still higher than White’s life Expectancy!

Yes the poorest Group with the least access to healthcare is still outliving Whites.

One wonders about just how bad the United States Private healthcare system is.

If a racist’s goal is to help Whites more than he he helps Minorities but his various actions result in Whites getting hurt more is that not stupid? is that not a pattern of Self Sabatoge? 

Do Racists hate themselves subconsciously? even more than they do Minorities?

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