For History, Circle Today: The Beginning of the End


Yes, mark today.

When talking to grandkids, historians, others over at Starbucks, August 23, 2019, was the confluence of all things insane in the Trump presidency, the tipping point.

Why today? Because today brought forth the perfect storm in cascading bad news involving Trump problems politically, the country’s fate economically, our international relationships, Trump’s issues with the Democrats in Congress, and it’s all wrapped in and around questions regarding Trump’s fitness, his competence, frankly, his mental health.

I suspect historians, in pointing to today, will all start with this, as posted by Urs earlier today:

“Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China …”

We could start with this: Does he actually believe he has the authority to order American companies to change their business plans? If he knows he doesn’t, then what motivated a quote that any sentient person knows will send markets tanking?

One can find a great deal of fault in our China policy, I sure do, but it seems important to note that “our great American companies” would not BE American companies if the president could order them around. Moreover, if there were viable and economically sensible alternatives to China, our “great American companies” wouldn’t be manufacturing in China, nor selling stuff there. But he tweeted it anyway, which makes one wonder if he’s now just tweeting economic “orders” off the cuff, as the “leader of the free world.” This is terrifying.

Today was the day we heard that a whistle blower from the IRS went to the Democrats in the House with inside information on Trump’s tax issues, stating that he/she saw irregularities. Whistleblowers only become whistleblowers when they have no confidence in the usual channels. The usual channels in this case involve reporting to Trump sycophants. This whistleblower could easily have handed the Democrats in the House all that is needed to sink Trump, on their own, and there would be a bit of a lag before we knew.

Today was the day that the markets figured out that our trade war with China will not be ending soon, and will not be ending any more favorably than when it began. It certainly will not end with an economic gain that makes up the economic pain imposed upon the beating heart of the American economy, the agriculture industry.

Today was the day that opened with news about the new AP poll showing Trump had only a 36% approval rating and a 62% disapproval rating. Nearly 2 in 3 Americans disapprove of Trump, as of today. Horrid poll numbers.

Today Trump winged off to the G7 Summit in the south of France where he will meet with real world leaders who have no reason to take him seriously, other than to seriously fear what he’ll fuck up next. Oh! They already fear his new “thoughts” on letting Russia back into the “G” and making it “8” again, because “we talk about Russia all the time.” Right now, I think it more likely that the G7 kicks out the United States before it will bring in Russia.

Trump is never worse than when he’s on the road at an international summit. We can expect complete unbridled bullshit heading our way from “over there.” It will not get better over the next three days. It will get worse.

As of today, 130 Democratic Representative joined the calls for impeachment hearings. Speaker Pelosi cannot hold off much longer. The most recent additions changed their minds before the events of the end of this week. I predict at least three, perhaps 6-10 will join that caucus by the beginning of next week.

Personally, Trump has never been worse. Today ends a week where Trump asked who was a greater enemy of the United States, the leader of Communist China, or Trump’s own handpicked Federal Reserve Chair? Earlier this week Trump referred to the leader of a cherished and stable ally as “nasty.” He called himself “the chosen one” and accused Jews of being “disloyal.” Even measuring by the Trumpter scale, this week would stand out as breathtakingly insane. People are openly talking about Trump decompensating before our eyes.

It happened today, a Friday, the confluence of a crazy day, with insane news, the end of an insane week, with the country holding its head, wishing all the noise would just stop for two minutes.

But it won’t. It never has.

So what is different today?


They have their two Supreme Court justices, they have their tax cut. But they do not want a trade war taking the country careening off a cliff into the Recession Sea. They definitely don’t want to piss of more powerful allies, or the American business community, made up of our “great American companies.” But, more than anything, they do not want to be the last ones supporting a political loser, someone polling at 36% – – and that 36% is made up of polling finished mid-week, it only got digested today.

One wonders if a poll were taken right now, if Trump’s numbers wouldn’t dip into the low 30s territory.

Today was the day that everything changed.

The net is far more permanent than love. This column will be sitting fresh in the nets next year. If I look foolish in 12 months, I will point it out myself, and y’all can make me eat some humble pie. I hope part of it will have to do with the country doing better.

But I don’t think so.

Despite hundreds of horrid moments, days and weeks in the past, despite all the embarrassment, gaslighting, and, yes, pain, none measured up to this week, ending today. And he is no more capable of turning it around than he is capable of learning from a mistake.

No, it all changed today.

That’s not necessarily good news.

Hold your heads, this is going to get uglier before it gets better. But mark your calendars, because we cannot get to the end until we begin. We began, today.


Peace, y’all.




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