For First Time In History America Has A President* Without the Moral Authority Or Credibility To Heal Us


As the National Guard and local law enforcement attempt to enforce the 11:00 p.m. curfew mandated by the Mayor of Washington D.C., the Secret Service has Donald Trump tucked safely away in the bunker, the first time a president has sheltered there since 9/11. Anarchy reigns as protests continue for the sixth night. Trump is in silent running mode, except for his blasts into the ethernet on Twitter, denigrating Joe Biden and Democratic mayors and governors and blaming a loosely knit group known as Antifa for the riots. Trump is a one trick pony and being ugly is all he knows — which is truly tragic at a time when our country desperately needs the comforting presence of a calm hand at the helm of government. We will not get it from Donald Trump. Not tonight, not any night, not ever. It isn’t who he is. Washington Post:

“The rioting in the streets has put an exclamation point on what this president cannot do: To bring people around and say we are all in this together,” said Tom Rath, a longtime Republican official and former attorney general in New Hampshire. “On his automatic transmission, there is one speed. It is not conciliate. It is not comfort. It is not forge consensus. It is attack. And the frustration right now is that nobody is in charge. Anarchy rules.” […]

“Obviously the unrest and the anger is well justified,” said Al Cardenas, a Florida-based Republican strategist and a former chairman of the American Conservatives Union. “Hardly goes a week by when some white person, whether it’s a white supremacist or a racist law enforcement officer, does not kill a black person needlessly. … What the country needs and wants from the president, they’re not going to get. This president, I don’t believe, relates to the racism, relates to the pain. At least I haven’t seen it.”

The White House should probably be renamed the Mad House. The New York Times is reporting that Trump kept walking around the West Wing asking advisers on Sunday whether he should give an Oval Office address and the response was no, because of the error-ridden coronavirus address he gave in March and how profoundly that backfired. He did manage to slip through this.

“I’m going to win the election easily,” the president said. “The economy is going to start to get good and then great, better than ever before. I’m getting more judges appointed by the week, including two Supreme Court justices, and I’ll have close to 300 judges by the end of the year.” (So far he has confirmed about 200.)

Not only a one trick pony, but one with a one track mind. It seems obvious that Trump’s advisers are trying to protect him from himself and do damage control for his reelection campaign. Those considerations don’t leave much room for giving the nation what it needs and so the obvious vacuum of leadership in this country becomes more obvious still, as the days tick by and a rattled Trump goes back and forth to his bunker.

A few hours earlier on Saturday, Trump said on Twitter that demonstrators outside the White House on Friday night were met by Secret Service agents with “the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons, I have ever seen,” a seeming reference to the law enforcement practices in America’s segregationist past. He said many agents are “just waiting for action” and claimed that one had told him that fighting protesters was “good practice.”

D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) replied to Trump on Twitter by noting that the president “hides behind his fence” and that “there are no vicious dogs & ominous weapons. There is just a scared man. Afraid/alone …”

Trump is a coward, a man with no moral authority, because he has no morality, period. He is a troll and a reality TV actor, one without a script right now. What is needed is conciliation and unity. Trump can’t do that. It’s not in his make up. So he does nothing. Which begs the question: is this what we’re in for, four more years of nothing? Or has this carnival act freak show finally run its course and is going to get cancelled in November? If this republic is to endure, that is to be devoutly prayed. The events of the past few months have shown what a complete fraud and failure Trump is. To quote Macbeth, “Now does his title hang loose about him, like a giant’s robe upon a dwarfish thief.” Trump was never plausible in the role of U.S. President for one minute — and the tragic irony is that no one in Hollywood would have given him the role, unless it was in a farce. Trump was always ludicrously miscast and now he is grotesquely so.



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If there ever was a time during this presidency that the GOP should remove him, it’s now.

He’s showing who he truly is and what he stands for. He’s nothing more than a failed celebrity spewing out one liners to appeal to a rapidly diminshing base that thinks only about himself. He is devoid of any intelligence, the ability to solve even the simplest of problems and cannot speak intelligently without cue cards. Here sits a lonely old obese man. If he was a dog we’d put him out his suffering.


I’m not sure it’s really the first time. Just talk about Hoover, for instance… But well, this Mussolini-like caricature of a POTUS is no doubt the worse ever. May be as a warning of what could come next if the American people don’t wake up and think seriously about what is dysfunctional in American democracy.


For the first time in history there is a imperial wizard in the W.H., and he’s proud of it. It’s his supporters that make me the sickest.