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Imperious President Donald Thin-skined won’t like this at all!

Much booing for such “a very stable genius”!

College football fans boo Trump motorcade after being forced to wait in rain


Trump walked onto the field at the game to a mixture of applause and some boos, according to a White House pool report. He walked midfield for the national anthem before leaving to watch Georgia and Alabama compete for the title from a suite.


Protestors project ‘F— Trump’ on stadium at college football national championship


Protesters projected the message “F— Trump” on the front of the stadium where he attended the college football national championship game on Monday.

The message appeared on the front of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta during the game, according to SEC Country.

The projection wasn’t the only protest against Trump at the game…

Trump was greeted with applause and some boos as he walked onto the field at the game.

He stood at mid-field for the national anthem and watched the first half of the game from a suite before departing the stadium.

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