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NPS / National Park Service

Donald Trump is unpopular. He won by unpopular vote, his approval ratings are bigly unpopular, and his inability to show competence on any level is truly frightening. CBS News is reporting that they have confirmed that there are emails showing our newly inaugurated President Trump was personally involved in trying to find the individual/s who tweeted out the infamous side-by-side Trump/Obama’s inauguration aerial photos. The images were embarrassing to Trump because they should be. He’s a disgrace of a person and only disgraces himself more day after brutal day. The Tweet originated elsewhere but got a big moral boost when the National Park Service Twitter account retweeted it. It was at this point that the new President jumped into the kind of action he seems only best suited for—petty revenge and punishment.

“Obviously, this has become a very sensitive issue, especially since the President has gotten directly involved and contacted Acting Director Mike Reynolds concerned about one of the images that was retweeted,” wrote Tim Cash, Chief of Digital Strategy at the National Park Service in a Jan. 21 email to Shaun Cavanaugh, the agency’s Chief Information Security Officer.

The email between Cash and Cavanaugh was first reported on by the news site MuckRock. A White House spokesperson did not return a request for comment about Cash’s depiction of Trump’s involvement.

Republicans working to take away healthcare benefits and social security, hundreds of important positions to be filled in our government here and abroad,a large part of his campaign and transition team clearly compromised by financial connections with foreign powers and their money, and unpopular President Trump is chasing internet trolls. You didn’t even need a FOIA request to know that that happened.

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