Former GOP Chairman Michael Steele believes that the polls are wrong as they ignore the incoming pink wave. There is a path for Democrats to hold the House.

Michael Steele is on point.

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Five-Thirty-Eight had no significant movements in the generic polls this past week. Biden’s upward swing has swung back if one believes the ABC/Washington Post poll. Several weeks back, I pointed out that these polls are likely unreliable because the raw data in the survey is likely, not representative of the voters out there. In other words, no one knows or can assume what the likely-voter model will look like.

Recently, Michael Steele validated what many activists believe. The polls are likely as wrong as they were in Kansas, where the closing poll had the anti-choice position ahead, if slightly. As we all know now, the pro-choice won by north of 19 points.

Steele said that none of the current polls are taking the pink wave into account. Women of all stripes are poised to vote in droves for progressive candidates. But Steele went further. He reminded us that every election held since Roe showed significant gains for Democrats.

“It is going to be a very dynamic election,” Steele said. “But I still contend the plan is there for Democrats to hold the House.

He points out that while his prediction does not jive with predictions that Republicans will win the House with 223 representatives.

“I think that belies how the voters are looking at this election,” Steele said. “And how passionate they are becoming about it.”

It is time for Democrats and Progressives to bring the win home. They must get more assertive and aggressive. After all, the wind is at their backs. They are the ones with policies and accomplishments.

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