Florida sets new record for daily COVID-19 infections

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Florida today set a new record for daily COVID-19 infections. It reported 15,300 new cases (the report really is for yesterday, since they seem to report numbers in the morning). Florida’s numbers have been going up sharply over the past two weeks, as the state opened up its businesses after a half-hearted shutdown in spring. The total number of cases is now 269,811; that total is exceeded by only 8 other countries (besides the US). And there is little hope that that number will slow down anytime soon.

The previous record was 11,661 set by New York state on April 15.

Here are the rest of Florida’s numbers –

Texas is not far behind; its cases have been rising sharply as well, posting has 11,394 cases on July 9. Its total now stands at 259,465.

Most states are performing poorly; alarm signs are flashing red for AZ, FL, LA, SC, TX, GA and AL.

While trump likes to crow about “falling” death rates, death rates are now rising, especially in red states and will continue to rise, since there is a 3-4 week lag between infection detection and deaths. Looks at the second set of graphs below, which shows death rate for AZ, FL, TX, CA and SC (CA is also in bad shape after having managed the virus well in April and May).

Add to that the toxic obsession of the trump administration to reopen schools for in-person-only attendance without offering any help or funds, and we have a nightmare scenario looming ahead.

You get the feeling that the republican strategy is to get young folks infected as rapidly as possible and let the population reach “herd immunity”, with a few million casualties as “acceptable” collateral damage. Somehow, that will guarantee them re-election in November.

This week will be a week to watch as case and death rates are going to rise to uncomfortable levels and hospitals get full. Something’s gotta give. A new wave of shutdowns may be in our future. Will trump supporters finally wear masks?

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Dick Panico
Dick Panico
The deaths of at least some of these people, falls on the heads of Trump and the governor of Florida. DOCTOR TRUMP , TOLD THEM TO OPEN UP AGAINST THE ADVISE OF THE EXPERTS. But , DR .TRUMP knew better than the experts and DeSantis followed his orders , like the fool he is , and many people died needlessly. But DOCTOR TRUMP is SO MUCH SMARTER THAN THE DOCTORS, and the GENERALS ( that have served in the military for more than half their lives) while Trump who NEVER SERVED in the military , is still so much smarter… Read more »