Today in encroaching fascism, the United States Supreme Court asserted that checking the wrong box on a form is sufficient reason for deportation. Other rights remain more sacrosanct; responding to peaceful protests outside of Supreme Court justices’ homes, Florida Republicans passed a new law barring protests in residential areas despite this being … self-evidently unconstitutional? There’s no official word on how this will affect armed conservative groups accosting school board members outside their homes, but anyone familiar with the last century of civil rights battles can fill you in on that one. Laws that result in arrests of “undesirable” protesters while the frothing far-right carries on as usual have been a fixture of conservative policy for a very long time now.

Tucker Carlson, a longtime backer of white nationalist conspiracies, remains one of the top national purveyors of the “great replacement” conspiracy theory cited by a domestic terrorist before executing 10 Americans in Buffalo, New York, this weekend. He remains on Fox News tonight, and you can blame Fox News head Lachlan Murdoch directly for supporting those lies. Fox News and its executives could stop supporting terrorism-promoting hoaxes anytime they want to. They’re not.

Some of today’s top news:

In Ukraine, the abject destruction of the Russian armed forces—not by Ukraine, but by Vladimir Putin and his regime of thieving incompetents—continues to be a history-shaking story. But Ukraine is certainly being effective in making sure whatever scraps of the Russian military Putin’s thieves didn’t sell for parts won’t be making it back to Russian soil in one piece. There’s no good news for Russia as new NATO-provided equipment and modern Ukrainian military tactics absolutely shred Putin’s now hollowed-out forces. Again. Still.

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