A FL woman who purposely coughed in cancer patient’s face in a store has been sentenced to 29 days in jail.  Now, I am sure Tucker Carlson and Fox will bemoan this poor woman sent to jail.  But you all need to read and see what happened. 

Here is the videotape of the misdemeaner assault:

Her name is Debra Jo Hunter.  And she was being videotaped because, according to the victim Heather Sprague, Hunter was carrying on a tirade with a store employee for several minutes.

Sprague said she watched Hunter, 53, give at least 15 minutes of what she called “escalating bullying,” swearing and threats to Pier 1 staff about a broken item with Sprague’s children nearby. It was only when Sprague said she started shooting video in the final minute of the tirade that she was yelled at, then coughed on.

 When Hunter noticed she was being videotaped, she responded with the fuck you and strolled up to Sprague and coughed on her.

This all happened last year, and of course, you notice right away that our Karen is not wearing a mask.  Obviously, she couldn’t have cared less about COVID-19.  But she knew that Sprague took COVID-19 seriously because Sprague WAS WEARING A MASK AT THE TIME.  This is because Sprague was undergoing treatment for a cancerous brain tumor, which places Spague in a high risk group for getting the coronavirus.

Well, our Karen got arrested and ended up in legal jeopardy.  And her response to her own criminal actions is typically Karenesque.  

Here is a ZOOM with the judge who was handling this assault case:

I think the time to have reached out to Spague has long since passed by the court date, but I don’t think there was even a good faith attempt to apologize to Sapague because this is what Hunter claimed was happening to HER.

Crying and sniffing as she wore a mask, Hunter said the social media frenzy that followed had many people threatening her as friends shunned her and her three children. She said her son was ostracized at school as “the son of the woman who wore the Scarlet Letter,” adding her shame and regret will follow her for the rest of her life.

“As a family we collectively avoid anyone we recognize for fear that they might know,” she said. “… The reality is my family has been permanently scarred. My kids should not have to pay the price for my mistake. I can overcome the ostracizing. I deserve it. My children do not.”

I don’t see anything in there about possibly giving Sprague COVID-19 and killing her.  No.  I do not see any regret about that incident.  And neither did the judge.

Ruth then watched Sprague’s 40-second video clip, with an initial comment a surprised “Oh my” as he saw the rude gesture and coughing, then adding this “tirade” took longer than he thought. Before he made his decision to add jail time to the plea agreement, he criticized Hunter’s testimony and letter to him, saying they mostly focused on the impact of the public reaction to the video to her family.

“Her children didn’t create this problem and her husband didn’t, and she talked about how it changed her world and she was getting nastygrams on Facebook and things of that nature and they can’t go to their country club or wherever,” Ruth said. “But I have yet to see any expression, or a significant expression on her regret about the impact it had on the victim in this case!”

Poor pitiful Karen!  Her neighbors and friends all said what a wonderful woman she is, and are Karen was under so much pressure!

And you do no think that someone with cancer has pressure on them?

No, I’m not buying that she is a wonderful woman.  Hunter is a fucking Karen who believes she is above common decency and can do whatever the fuck she wants.  The law doesn’t apply to her, until right about now.

I’m glad this god awful person will have a criminal record and spend some time in jail.

Saturday, Apr 10, 2021 · 11:27:21 PM +00:00 · Merlin196357

I’ve seen in the comments that I should no longer use the word Karen as a pejorative.  There has even been a request that I edit this diary to remove my naming of Mary Jo Hunter as Karen.  Seeing as there does not appear to be an equivalent pejorative for men who think they are above the law and common decency, I concede to the criticism that it makes the insult based on her gender.  Point taken.   In the future, I will no longer use this term to describe an abhorrent human being.  

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