FL Governor DeSantis Declares The WWE An “Essential” Business Because? Vince McMahon Is Greedy.


It’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between Florida GOP Governor Ron Desantis and a street corner pimp. This is the Governor who slow walked a stay-at-home order so as to not fuck up spring break for either students nor the Florifa merchants, and when he did, declared Easter religious services an exemption to the ban on mass gatherings.

Well, now DeSantis has gone even one better. In a stunning move of craven cowardice, DeSantis today declared that the World Wrestling Entertainment is an essential business, opening the way for a series of live WWE events that will place the health of not only the wrestlers, but also the fans at significant risk. But it’s the reason that is an affront to humanity.

Apparently, uber douche Vince McMahon just can’t manage to make ends meet without Linda’s paltry salary as the Small Business Administrator in the Trump administration, and he can’t survive the coronavirus pandemic without putting on his shoddy product. And if Vince McMahon needs more Perrier for his hot tub, then goddammit! Vince McMahon is going to get more Perrier for his hot tub, and the consequences be damned.

Believe it or not, there are several other professional wrestling organizations out there, and they’re dealing with the ban on public gatherings. Basically, the way that they’re dealing with it is that they held a mass crush of wrestling cards before the public gathering bans took effect, taped them, and are showing those tapes in their current weekly time slots to tide their fans over.

But this won’t work for McMahon. It won’t work because he recently singed an incredibly lucrative weekly contract with FOX, worth hundreds of billions of dollars. The problem is that the contract calls for a specified number of live broadcasts, and McMahon is running up against the wall. And this won’t do at all for a go-getter like McMahon.

So, what do you do if you’re an uber rich shitpoke who is on Trump’s commission to decide when it is safe for Americans to go outside and start contracting the coronavirus again? You call Trump’s favored two legged Fleet enema, and have him cut you a deal so you can schedule the live shows you need to keep that lucrative contract with FOX alive and ticking.

It’s not like Vince McMahon is a captain of industry or anything. McMahon runs an abusive workplace towards the wrestlers, some of whom spend as many as 300 days a year on the road, loads up their contracts with all kinds of poison pills that make the wrestlers pretty much chattel to McMahon for the privilege of earning their living, and because McMahon considers his wrestlers as independent contractors, he doesn’t have to offer them health insurance in an industry that makes it practically impossible for them to obtain the insurance on their own. It was not that long ago that a really serious fan went out and crowd funded on GoFundMe so that wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts could get an operation he desperately needed. Roberts put out a video thanking the fan, as well as all who donated, with tears in his eyes.

This is the kind of human Port-O-San who’s playing coronavirus roulette with the lives and safety of his wrestlers, as well as the fans he’s bilking by putting them at risk. And Ron DeSantis is the pandering toady of a Governor that is letting him get away with it. And FOX is the one holding McMahon’s chestnuts over an open fire. Shame on all of them!

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John Johnson
John Johnson
Ok i’ll start this off. I live in florida and have to put up with this guys bullshit. He has not a clue what he is doing. He takes his clues from his AS$HOLE buddy Trump. I guarantee you this. Fla will be opened up prematurely and we will all have to go through this again (in Fla) and probably through most republican states and more people will die. He already kept the churches open, now wrestling, just because his buddy Trump told him to. I don’t care if we had Andrew Gillum, even drunk, he would have made better… Read more »