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Aside from making hay about the demise of the Weekly Standard, and crowing about ACA’s purported unconstitutionality, the First Tweets covered keeping Ryan Zinke, America’s Geologist, ahead of a Democratic House investigation.

And then there’s more kayfabe claims that there are “real’ stories which would prosecute HRC, the fool’s errand pursued in futility by the invalid canards remaining in the GOP House caucus.

Darn those “real” stories:

Washington (CNN)The FBI on Friday released a redacted version of the memo that top intelligence officials, including former FBI Director James Comey, used to brief President Donald Trump about the compilation of information detailing his possible connections to Russia — a document which came to be known as the Trump dossier.

The two-page document says, “An FBI source … volunteered highly politically sensitive information … on Russian influence efforts aimed at the US presidential election.”

The document was provided to CNN by the public records advocacy group James Madison Project, which, alongside Politico, had sued for it and received it from the FBI on Friday night following a judge’s order.



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