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It’s the ALL CAPS WALL this morning, as Trump tries to walk back his failed promises for a Mexican wall and resorting to using Mexican murder statistics because US data has been declining steadily. Because Mexico is worse than Afghanistan?

Like a troll who only seizes on one sentence to mean an entire message, Individual-1 reveals how triggered he’s been from books by Cliff Sims and Chris Christie.

The next messages were parroting Lou Dobbs and included puffery about China tariffs and his supposed “deal”, but he did return to “fear of caravans”.

The lie continues as the wall is not “already being built”, but at least we know where he got today’s numbers.

Last night he tweeted about freedom while it really means US oil profits.


Because nothing says fighting for freedom like Russian mercenaries:

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  1. The buffoonery never ends, the man is desperate, delusional, incompetent at best, mentally unstable, and unfit for office. The GOP will never recover from this shit.


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